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COTW winner Cesare explains,

I have long considered a Comedic Theory of History. The animating concept is the most outrageous comedy of a few years’ past becomes the serious current events of our times. Think of Groucho singing in Duck Soup, “no one’s allowed to smoke or tell a dirty joke…’ certainly matches up with modern PC. Cleavon Little in Blazing Saddles taking himself hostage, which not only came true but actually shut down one of the largest cities on Earth with the entire OJ Simpson circus. Now you can look back to Life of Brian and the Jewish wannabe terrorist demanding to be called Loretta, and God help you if you don’t take it seriously!

This is mental illness. Commander Strangeways is not a woman, he is some fucking oddball who had his dick cut off. No physician I, but no mental illness is improved with indulgence and encouragement. Now this poor wretched de-nutted creature is being lauded for his/it’s ‘bravery’, if that doesn’t make you vaguely nauseous what will? Once men like Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain or John Basilone or Nick Rowe were thought to be brave by this country.

Good satire pushes the envelope and flirts with absurdity. What happens when all the envelopes have been pushed over a cliff and the absurd becomes the new normal, enforced just like healthy social norms of yore? We’re about to find out! Satirists are standing by… wondering if their craft has been rendered superfluous.


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