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One thing you’ll notice, and to which many men in similar circumstances will attest, is the puzzling decrease in eye flirting from mediocre women after you’ve experienced a personal improvement in your sexual market value stock.

It goes like this: You learn game, or acquire higher social status, or lose a lot of weight and carve out a masculine physique, and then begin to exude a presence, and carry yourself with a winner’s airs. You walk with your back straight, head held high, eyes flickering with percolating aggression and grin electrified with mischievous intent. You expect more women than ever before will be unable to avoid flirtatious eye contact with you.

But a strange thing happens. You are ignored by that undifferentiated mass of HB4s-6s passing you by on the sidewalk. Some of them even faintly scowl at you. What’s going on?, you wonder.

Just when you lose count of all the middling plain janes refusing your sexy smoky smolder, and you perch at the precipice of self-doubt, you also notice, happily, an increase in the number of hot babes — HB8s, 9s, and those rare O’Keeffeian flowers, 10s — stepping in to fill your ocular dance card. And, you can’t help but mentally acknowledge, a flirty eye glance from one HB9 can erase an angry brow and studied evasive glare from one hundred NB5s. (NB = Not Babe)

I’ll tell you what’s going on. Those NB mediocrities who once thought you were safely within their romantic wheelhouse back when the beta oozed from you like a jelly donut, now raise up shields of ego-protection when your alpha aura accosts their blandness. The plain girl’s refusal to allow her eyes to drift into your vicinity is nothing more than a defense mechanism to spare her self-conception the indignity of your assumed romantic rejection. You are too good for her, she knows it, and this prompts a subconscious sour grapes retaliatory countermeasure from her.

You’ll know this is what’s happening to you, (rather than that you are a variable in the simple arithmetic of female indifference to omega male white noise), if you concurrently experience an upsurge in eyeball attention from much hotter babes than have normally noticed you. The newly minted alpha male enjoys complementary rewards of his SMV stature: The sudden interest of better-looking women and the convenient removal of interest from homelier women whose posture of silent, spiteful preemptive rejection helpfully self-culls them from your briefest consideration.


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