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Matchmakers’ Client Game

Are you wondering how to maintain that “man of poon plenty” attitude (aka fornucopia) when your social circle plays matchmaker for you? Commenter mendozatorres asks,

“Women are repulsed by the man of need.”

So in a case where a man is being introduced to women by friends/acquaintances, does this work against him, since it could come across as him being needy?

It could, but it won’t, if you know the Way of the Charming Jerkboy. It’s a very simple reframe when you want to avoid the stink of neediness that does tend to Pigpen-ishly waft around the clients of eager beaver matchmakers. When you are introduced to the girl, lightheartedly break the ice:

“I apologize for my friends’ insistence on setting me up. They apparently don’t like the women I date without their help.”

This serves two subcommunication goals: One, you don’t need their help to get laid. Two, she’ll wonder what kinds of women you pull. And when women wonder about that, their hamsters can’t resist imagining some sexy, hell-on-wheels badgirl with zero bedroom inhibitions.


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