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Types Of Game

This post is 1/8th tongue-in-cheek, so don’t get yourselves too worked up into an inference lather. Disclaimer aside, there is a solid, observable foundation for the basic premise that there exists a need for categorical types of game streamlined for efficiency in different contexts and with different women.

Don’t misconstrue this to mean that there are no universal game principles. The point is that along with the universally applicable seduction techniques, there are refinements of execution that a man could undertake to improve his return-on-courtship (ROC). On that rascally note, here’s reader Putin with a cursory list of what he considers different types of game:

Types Of Game:

1. Quick Picker Upper Game
2. Text Game
3. Recover Relationship Game
4. Marriage Game.
5. Crazy Women Game? Is there such a thing or are they all crazy?
6. Dating/relationship game

Any others……

Why are there even “types” of game? The need for differing styles of game rests on three realities: One, the races and cultures of women are different from each other just as women as a sex are different from men. Two, women’s desire changes with age (and by monthly cycle). Three, environmental contingencies can subtly realign women’s mate choice priorities.

These realities suggest that game tailored to a woman’s specific needs which are informed by her racial, life stage, or contextual realities will be superior to a “one size fits all” game.

To recap: Game will vary according to three major input variables:

-Women’s race/culture. (Race and culture are nearly synonymous, notwithstanding leftoid beliefs to the contrary.)
-Women’s age and monthly cycle. (Evidence, both laboratory and real world, show that women crave alpha cock more when they are ovulating.)
-Women’s mating context. (Context includes relationship status, sex ratio, pickup venue, etc.)

I can already smell some of you sweating the small stuff. Pat yourselves dry, un-knot your laden brows, and put down your pickup manuals for a second. There’s a simple rule that governs the effective range of beneficial modifications to game:

Maxim #20: All types of game are basically variations in the balance of beta male and alpha male traits.

To visualize this maxim, imagine a line representing the spectrum of male psychosexual characteristics, running from extreme beta on one end to extreme alpha on the other.


Now, if one had to (or could) choose between the two poles, and nothing in the middle, it is BY FAR better to choose extreme alpha over extreme beta. The latter will get you laid more often, and for most men getting laid more rather than less is at least one of the primary ingredients in the recipe for life happiness.

But women are creatures with a dual personality — they crave both the provider beta and the piledriver alpha. Alpha fux, beta bux, as a wise man once said. A man will maximize his ROC if he knows how and when to balance the expression of his plush beta side with his dominant alpha side.

How much beta or alpha maleness to display in the presence of a woman in whom you want to incite spasmodic gushers of… love… depends in part on the confluence of those three input variables I mentioned above. What is her race/culture? What is her age? Is she a girl you just met on the sidewalk, or is she a girl you’ve been dating for six months?

Taking all that into account, plus a girl’s particular personality profile, will guide you to express the best mix of beta and alpha traits. Or, to put it in PUA parlance, you will find that important balance between comfort game and attraction game.

Returning to Putin’s “types of game”, it’s easy now to evaluate each type based on the metric of beta-alpha balancing. I have placed hatch marks along the beta-alpha spectrum to show you how much of each you should emphasize relative to the other.

1. Quick Picker Upper Game


You’re shooting for a quick lay. This means you’ll do best targeting horny girls with few scruples and low impulse control. 90% alpha.

2. Text Game


Text game is an impersonal medium that favors alpha over beta. Comfort stage game doesn’t translate very well to ASCII. (She’ll miss that strong eye gaze.)

3. Recover Relationship Game


Insufficient data. A relationship could falter because the man became too domesticated or too emotionally disconnected. (NB: It can also falter when the woman becomes too chunky.) However, most relationships fail because the man lost touch with his inner alpha asshole. The hatch mark slightly favors the alpha side.

4. Marriage Game


Marriage game is a specific instance of relationship game. Time and familiarity erode a man’s alphaness, so marriage game typically requires more infusions of alpha, although there are exceptions (like when a woman manages to rope a charming cad into marriage, and later discovers it’s hard to change a tiger’s stripes).

5. Crazy Women Game? Is there such a thing or are they all crazy?


Thanks to their dual mate choice algorithm issues, all women are a little crazy, but only a tiny minority are bunny boiling crazy. I put two hatch marks here because the genuinely crazy chick is best played like a fiddle, alternating potent doses of beta and alpha until she feels like she’s on a seesaw. With crazy chicks, a good offense is the best defense. PS: Cut and run as soon as you’ve drained your balls (this could be a full year for those of us with robust testicular bounty).

6. Dating/relationship game


Assuming this type of game refers to that delicate moment in time between the passionate first few weeks together and the serene routine that distinguishes relationships that have reached the six month milestone, I’d say that more beta is the key here. You’ve already established your alpha fides, and now she’s wondering if you’re boyfriend material or just another pump and dumper about to break her heart. This is a good time, if you’re so inclined, to do those little beta things for her that relax her amygdala and dilate her labia minora.

In a future post, I will explore in greater detail the specifics of each type of game as they relate to common scenarios most men will experience at some point in their lives. This post was meant as a general outline to get your head in the right mental space.


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