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Coolasfuck Game Of The Day

Every so often a commenter drops a line that couldn’t be a more perfect execution of game in the field.

Walawala graces us with his latest:

The Red Pill realization I have is that despite their constant emotional outbursts and mercurial mood swings, if you understand that deep down inside women want you to “get it” and win them over…the rest of what they do is a smokescreen you have to wade through.

I re-opened a girl I banged mid last year. “Let’s meet up for drinks” I said.

“Seduce me” she replied.

“We’ll see” I said.

The Blue Pill [ed: aka beta] guy would say “OK”….where’s the fun for her in that?

“We’ll see”. No need for exorbitant wit. A simple two-word declaration of fuzzy intent is all it takes to pass the Jumbotron Test and, not coincidentally, the Tingle Test. Coolasfuck. That’s the man you want to be, because that’s the man women love.

Technical game discussion follows.

The reason “we’ll see” is so effective is the challenge implied by the statement. You are essentially disqualifying the girl. The chaser and chasee scripts have been flipped.

“We’ll see if you meet my standards and therefore inspire me to put some romantic effort into wooing you.”

From there, the girl silently translates this into the womanese:

“Who is this guy to be so cavalier about my value as a sexual object? He must be a winner. I like winners. Wooo, suddenly I’m feeling very juicy down below.”

There’s another reason the line “we’ll see” advances from a great one-off open-rift riff to coolasfuck poetry: The brevity. Women prefer curt cads.


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