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Here’s an animated map of the sex ratio in the US by county, during the time period 1990-2013 (h/t reader Agree&Amplify):

The blue shades are areas where the number of men exceed the number of women. The red shades are players’ paradises where there are more women than men.

As you can see, the transcontinental picture for American men is bleak. Blue areas are expanding their territory and luscious labia red areas are ceding territory.

Sex ratio is important. A good sex ratio will help optimize a man’s game.

But wait…

This map is woefully inadequate as a gash guide. Most egregiously, it doesn’t break down the female population by age. Who cares about the ratio of 60-year-old women to men? What matters is the 18-28 female demographic.

What about race? Most white men (and since we’re being honest, black men too) aren’t interested in panty raids of the lands where Shaneequa Law is operative (or soon to be). The South has a “good” female-to-male sex ratio, but you don’t see Mystery or Neil Strauss hitting up the Mississippi Delta club scene.

And the Hispanic invasion wave isn’t a poosy paradise for American men, either. Most of the 50 million migrants of the last few decades are squat oaxacas with zero sex appeal. It’s worse than that, because first generation migrants are skewed male.

Nonetheless, the map isn’t totally useless. It does show a widespread secular trend toward more men and fewer women. Even when extenuating variables are controlled for, it’s a decent bet that the population share of supple, 18-28 white women relative to all men has decreased, and this, naturally, has knockoff effects on the balancing of the sexual market. Young slender women, and especially young slender white women, have always been the bottleneck to romantic pleasure, but now that bottleneck is squeezing tighter. Obesity, invasion of the less attractive races, and other more obscure factors are jacking up the premium on slender white woman pussy. With every bottleneck squeeze, the thin white woman ego inflates by 50 psi. Is it any wonder that game — the art of applied charisma — is more necessary in America than ever before?


Jayman links to a map which breaks down the singles sex ratio by the crucial 20-29 year old age group. (Original post here.)

Not looking good. May as well rename America to SausageFestivania.

As jheymon notes, this is city data. The countryside may be better for men, although I doubt it. Sexy single rural women tend to flock to the cities in search of the alpha male of their dreams, leaving their towns pussy-parched.


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