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Alex Jone’s SuperFan prefers balls to the wall game,

Alex Jones SuperFan’s guide to EDGY GAME:

1. FLAUNT your edginess. Make sure she sees you checking out EXTREMIST NAZI FRINGE REACTIONARY websites. If she displays any problem with it, MOCK her with a LIBTARD impression & fake whimper.
2. Unapologetically throw out the occasional “nigger”, “kike”, or “dumb broad.” If she gives you shit, snicker and say in your best bitch voice, “Whatta holocaust.”
3. When you’re in public, BOLDLY speak your mind. Who’s going to have the balls to get involved?
4. Secretly buy SEXY SS costumes, give her striped pajamas as a gift, and proceed to DOMINATE her like a bull.
5. Tell her she’s your Eva Braun and must WORSHIP your fascist phallus for all of eternity.

Soon, every time she sees some stupid politically correct point thrown out on television she’ll remember how completely and utterly BADASS and NO-FUCKS-GIVEN her FASCIST MASTER is and get WET.

Edgy Game sounds a lot better in concept than it works in practice. (And yes, I’m aware SuperFan might be sarcastic. Whatever his intent, there’s a good deal of real world evidence that rule breaking can help a man attract women.) Sure, chicks dig unapologetic jerkboys. But they also dig charming silver-tongued devils who can deftly read and navigate various social situations.

Smashing social etiquette like a bull in a gina shop is as liable to turn girls away from you as to bring them closer. This is particularly true if the taboos you smash are the most sanctified of your social set. There are certain realities that even the EDGY JERK must abide, and one of those is the high risk of ostracism that would be his punishment for betraying an ignorance of his culture’s norms.

Pushing boundaries is acceptable, though. The Zen of Edgy Game is the slow boil; you infiltrate by assuming a facsimile of polite discourse, build the minimal trust that allows you admittance to the group, then slowly chip away at your protagonists’ expectations. This strategy works only when you’ve first established that you aren’t a drone who religiously toes the line. This means that you have to convey to your audience from the start that the heart of a naughty jerkboy beats within you.

As with girls and their love of male dominance, a woman’s submission is won not with a club to the head but gradually intensifying demands and shows of defiance that weaken the female presumption of her romantic entitlement and undermine her reflex to pigeonhole you as one of the mediocre masses of beta males whom she can walk over. Social subversion is a skill that deserves greater attention at Le Chateau.


Quick update. Joe Sixpack deserves the COTW runner-up award for what is in essence EDGY COMMENT GAME.

If only white men could vote

the freeways wouldn’t be clogged with illegal aliens and their meal ticket children

…your disposable income would be double, yet the cost of living would be 25% cheaper

gas would be $1.50 per gallon

…businesses would be blowing up your email and phone trying to woo you away from your current employer…

…the 5% of the populace that commit 95% of all crimes would be securely locked up

…and April 15 would be just another warm Spring day.


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