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Attention whores — and here we’re mostly talking about women, as the sex likely to exhibit both commonplace and extreme versions of attention whore disorder (AWD) — exploit a plethora of psychological ploys to get their external validation fix.

Reader walawala describes a few of the most recognizable AWD symptoms,

Attention whoring takes on a variety of forms and social media enables it. Some examples beyond this [Shoshana Roberts catcaller] video which is extreme:

Revealing photos on FB crying out for thirsty man comments: “wow” etc

Mentions of health issues: “Headache now…so painful” crying out for sympathy. Sympathy helps keep the attention pipeline flowing without any requirements for reciprocation.

Mentions of work stress: “So busy!!” etc—same as above.

Achievements: [ed: this was blank. maybe walawala will clarify.]

Photos with new shit: new iPhone.

Food they ate or cooked.

Generally I ignore all this unless it’s the occasional well-placed “like” if there’s something unusual or particularly noteworthy.

Feigning illness, mental or physical, is classic AWD behavior. So is exhibitionism. The cruel streak in an attention whore is evident when she acts indignant that you admired whatever naked body part she “accidentally” displays. Attention whores are selfish, narcissistic, often manic-depressive, and prone to cycles of angry blow-ups and pleas for tolerance. Generally, they prey on weak beta males who fear losing the pussy. Experienced men rarely get ensnared for long by the manipulations of ego-gluttonous attention whores.

Attention whores share a lot of traits with women who have BPD (borderline personality disorder). AWs usually are not as scheming as BPDs, which means they can be more easily and quickly identified and avoided or, if you have the COINTEL chops and a thirst for adventure, toyed with for sexual bennies.

Some other forms of female attention whoring are:

– Cutting into conversations with a frequency and assumed authority that could be described as pathological.

– Evincing an astounding lack of self-awareness or humility.

– An inability to listen while simultaneously demanding rapt attention from her human sounding boards.

– A facility tossing out breezy insults that stands in stark contrast to her thin-skinned pique when she perceives herself being attacked.

– A curious lack of fulfillment when she receives the attention she was goading, and a spiral of excitement when her attention seeking is ignored or cavalierly dismissed.

– A preternatural talent for getting into “scrapes” and making “scenes” where she is cast, yet again, as the wholly innocent flashpoint of the drama that magically follows her everywhere.

– Aggravating her mark to the point of exasperation or even anger. An attention whore prefers positive attention but will take negative attention if the former isn’t possible to bait.

– An eternal martyr complex she leverages to push unwitting accomplices into guilt and acquiescence to her theater of the hamster.

– Gossip. Backstabbing. Feigned naivete to encourage the spilling of secrets. Sowing discord is the invidious fuel that feeds the attention whore’s thirsty heart.

If any of these AWD symptoms manifest in a girl during a date, you are in for a storm of drama queen bitchery, endless games of one-upmanship, and passive-aggressive emotional blackmail if you later decide to pursue a long-term arrangement with her. Most attention whores age into certifiable nutcases as their looks fade and they have to go to ever more absurd lengths to receive ever less satisfying hits of validation. The old attention whore is not unlike the mentally ill homeless bum screaming obscenities at passersby.

Every woman has a little attention whore in her. The trick is to avoid those women who have allowed that precocious child inside to grow into a ravenous beast that consumes more love than it can give.

The key to fucking attention whores, (in the figurative and literal senses), is to NEVER satisfy her demands, no matter how appealing her acting method. You treat attention whores like you would an annoying, insufficiently respectful child: With amused disregard sharpened by a hint of contempt.

AW: “LIKE me!”

Beelzebub’s Beneficent Boner: “I LIKE your stubby eyelashes. If you require further compliments, I charge by the word.”

Low effort parrying of attention whore antics is good enough to get you the lay, but after a few weeks of quality time you’ll have to raise the stakes and firmly slap down any of her feints toward egotistic head games. When you’re pushed to this level of engagement, she’ll wail to the high heavens. Copious tears may flow. Weaker men will cave and renew her cycle. Stronger men — that is, men with an abundance of pussy mentality — will savor her tears and try to squeeze out a few more drops for entertainment purposes and as a lesson served that the sell-by date on her low self-esteem shenanigans is come and gone.

AW: “LIKE me!”

Beelzebub’s Beneficent Boner: “But you’re not likeable.”

AW: “Waaah!”

Beelzebub’s Beneficent Boner: “That’s not helping your cause.”

AW: “Fuck you!”

Beelzebub’s Beneficent Boner: “Charming.” *leaves*


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