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Anton Chigurh (watch where you point that thing) colorfully, Bukowski-ly, paints a picture of the current state of Western White Man’s self-annihilating mind.

“[re: Ebola], there is always something new out of Africa, and it’s all bad.”

The elites in the West are so terrified of seeming racist that they’re apparently willing to kill us for it.

The West is like the stupid white girl at the bar who gets invited to go off on her own by a black guy. She is terrified of looking racist in front of her friends, one of whom is a black girl from the office who she likes to impress with her liberalism.

So she goes happily with the black fella, who turns out to be a savage niqger. Later, after the niqger brutally rapes her without a condom and leaves her in an alley for dead, she thinks, well, at least now everybody knows I’m not a racist.

A day later she sits in her hospital bed, recovering from her internal and external injuries and having contracted Ebola and AIDS. She will not survive this combination compounded by her weakened, broken body.

She hoarsely tells her friends visiting her, including the sassy black girl from the office who she wants so desperately to impress, “It’s not his fault. He had a hard life. He’s experienced racism his whole life. I know in my heart he just made a mistake. White people are so racist, and we made them slaves for like 800 years, sometimes they get angry. I don’t blame him.”

That’s the mass of Western whites right now.

White ethnomasochism evil is like Ebola: Super virulent, kills with impunity, spreads easily, but burns itself out before reaching truly pandemic proportions.

At least, that’s the hope. Anyone care to place bets?

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