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Spot The Alpha

I expect a few literal-minded readers to take the wrong lesson from this photo. “Phonebomb game! So if I just check my phone over the shoulder of a girl I’m kissing, she’ll notice out of the corner of her smitten eye and fall harder for me.”

While Phonebomb Game may very well increase your desirability to girls, the real game lesson to draw from this snapshot is how behaviors, brash and subtle, reflect a man’ attitude toward life and women. This guy, looking kind of dorky truth be told, is wrapped in the arms of a girl, looking kind of pretty in profile, because he undoubtedly possesses the sort of alpha male insouciance toward life and romance, as demonstrated in his cavalier division of attention between girl and phone, that drives women crazy with lust.

If he’s checking for texts from other girls in his rotation, then the odds this particular girl has relinquished her backdoor to him are 30% higher.


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