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Alpha Male Of The Month

It’s been some time since CH has featured an exemplary alpha male.

Alpha Male of the Month, Candidate #1: Sean Stephenson

A reader writes,

Check out the alpha male smirk while taking a picture with his wife. Dude got shit on by god and decided to take life by the balls.

Stephenson is a motivational speaker (yeah yeah) and is familiar with the pickup community and game concepts. I believe he has appeared as a guest at (pre-married, pre-new age weirdo) David DeAngelo’s seminars.

Sean is living proof of the extreme end of what a man can get himself with game (and fame). As an extreme, he is an inspiration, but one should caution against using him as an aspiration. If you’re deformed like Sean and think you can score what Sean scored, you will very likely be disappointed. This disappointment will turn you away from game into the arms of PUA hate websites where misfit omegas with chips on their shoulders go to assuage their loneliness by raging against better men.


Alpha Male of the Month, Candidate #2: Humphrey Bogart

A reader astutely notes,

He’s ignoring Marilyn Monroe and [Lauren] Bacall is staking out her territory.

Pretty sure Bacall was Bogart’s wife when this photo was taken. No wonder she’s got the kung-fu grip on his thigh. Bogart will never be mistaken for a handsome man, but his skill with women was legendary. Naturally, Bogart had his fame and achievements to scaffold his rough mug, but according to those who knew him he also had game, aka charisma.

A lot of actors who play smooth-talking lovers on screen are also that way in real life. Actors either have an innate aptitude for channeling charming mofo archetypes that is there long before they choose their careers, or their work reverse-leaches into their personal lives.

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