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When you aim to get in shape, do you ignore exercise and just focus on eating less crap? When you invest in the stock market with the goal of increasing your wealth, do you put your entire savings into one high-risk, high-reward venture, or do you diversify? When you work on becoming more stylish, do you upgrade your shirts but keep wearing ratty pants and scuffed shoes?

Same with womanizing (or finding that one perfect woman to love a little longer than the others). Game will improve your romantic fortunes, but game + environmental optimization will improve it tenfold.

Optimizing Your Womanizing is a new CH series exploring those life strategy adjustments that add horsepower to your game engine. Environmental optimizations can mean many things, and generally converge to maximize the combined strength of your seductive talents. Fashion, physique, and field of play are the big three extrinsic environmental factors that supplement your intrinsic sexy attitude and social savyy.

Today’s post is about ideal womanizing locations based on sex ratio skew. A rather blunt force method of finding more attractive women more responsive to your charms is to choose a field of play where prime-nubility age women outnumber the men. In these Vaghallas, the pussy will indeed flow like the Orihoco.

Naturally, not all pussy is prize pussy. I’m sure there are awesomely favorable sex ratios in parts of Africa and China where the local women vastly outnumber the men, but is Bantu pussy or rice paddy peasant pussy really worth your pussy-prowling time? So for purposes of discussion, we’ll stick to a realistic field of play: Europe. If you throw a dart at a map of Europe, odds are better than anywhere else that you strike native pussy gold.

As you can see, in Islamicizing Europe the optimal fields of play (where there are significantly more mid 20s peak beauty women than there are men) include most of France, Switzerland, Bavaria, Ireland, Wales, Southern Italy (though you might want to steer clear of hound-dogging the local women in this inbred omertá-park), the hinterlands of Turkey, and the Baltic capitals.

Although this map doesn’t show it, Russia and Ukraine have the best sex ratios in all of larger Europe. Good luck!

Places you as a womanizer would want to avoid: The territory formerly known as East Germany, Spain (too bad), most of the Slavs.

I would like to claim there’s a curious overlay with a map of European inbreeding, but the fit is like a nerdling’s first suit: Oversized, rumpled, but passable for a nerd herd family photo.

Hypothesis: Outbred parts of Europe are prosperous and thus attract more provider beta male-seeking (or masters of the universe alpha male-seeking) women to migrate there.

If you want a favorable sex ratio AND hot women AND the ever-present threat of dying prematurely, then a small drunken Russian village is your majestic mating ground. Moscow looks to be the best overall city for womanizing on the European continent. If you’re fluent in Russian, why would you pass this up? Outside of Moscow’s mass quantities of eager hotties, Tallinn, Estonia, though lacking in raw numbers, also hits pussy pay dirt.


The link to the Russian and Ukraine sex ratios doesn’t filter the data by female age. This makes it practically worthless to men who aren’t interested in banging babushkas, which is all men of sound psychological and testicular profiles. Stick with the non-potatohead options.


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