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Some elements of game are deliberately antagonizing, because pretty women have natural social shields that need to be penetrated before a courtship can have a chance of succeeding. Antagonism (aka breezy teasing) will occasionally instigate a frisky response from a girl.

A reader sends along an example of this seduction dynamic.

After learning about the different eye lash extension curl types from my GF I told my player buddy about it. He decided to throw it out at this little tart on Tinder and see what happened.

21 yr old blonde responded with a typical shit test. Normally I wouldn’t have thought much about it, but for some reason I thought for the better part of a few hours what a good response to this would be. I was stymied on this one.

Inner game precedes outer game. Recall what CH has told you to visualize when confused about how to respond to a shit testing sexy girl:

What Would An Alpha Male With A Harem Do?

Imagine you got this reply while another girl had her lips wrapped around your cock. Really feel the moment. You look down at the tousled mass of hair dancing above your vitals, then up at your phone as this other girl’s message comes over the wire. Your state of mind duly informed, what kind of attitude do you think you’ll be sending “beach_babe55″? One of neediness? Resentment? Deference? Indignation? Defensiveness? Supplication?

No on all counts. What you’ll write back instead (after you’ve had your pleasure) is a terse glib response pregnant with self-amusement and cockiness and indifference to winning her approval. Once you have assumed this alpha male attitude, the right words will flow effortlessly. Those words could take the form of Agree&Amplify:

“no but my bf is”


“assless chaps don’t make a man gay”

You could assume the sale:

“stop trying to convert me”


“your flirting needs work”

You could backstab her self-esteem:

“knew it. you’re a j curl girl”


“you’re one of those”

You could make a double entendre:

“nice mouth on you”

You could ignore her:

“why is your shirt ripped? you poor?”

You could be the reckless, challenging asshole that chicks dig:

“text me back when you have something sexy to say”


“C+. sassy, but not sexy”


“no but listening to you might turn me”

You could dick pic her:

“8===D ~~~G A Y”

You could discombobulate her with a non sequitur:

“double rainbow all the way”

Finally, you could make yourself laugh with an insolent cat pic:

Once you have imbued the right attitude, the possibilities for flirtatious banter increase exponentially.


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