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Reader Email #1

I started going out with someone I met. Not exclusively, but she blew away the competition in every way. Her actions at that time were great …hot sex and her pretty much admitting to “being crazy for” me. Somewhere in there, I got the oneitis and flipped from alpha to beta (and yes, I know I fucked up).

Be very wary of girls who say stuff like “I’m crazy for you” soon after you and her have started dating. These are the kind of BPD drama whores who love the idea of passionate love and in their excitement will try to prematurely generate intense feelings, instead of patiently allowing any feelings to emerge organically. Because as fast as these chicks turn it on, they also can turn it off. One day, you’ll catch her texting another dude, and you’ll wonder “What happened to that whole part about you being crazy for me?”.

Actions speak louder than words, and she started to distance herself. She wanted to “talk to me in person about something” on Friday, and I knew what was next.

Whether intentional or evolutionarily directed, the “crazy for you” drama queen act will trap a lot of less experienced men into buying the schtick and responding in kind with florid beta male paeans. It can be a massive shit test, iow.

Just as I figured though, she gave me the “things are not the same and don’t feel right, I’m sorry text” on the evening we were going to have a face to face instead of meeting tell me (I know women are non-confrontational and I figured this would happen).

I need a timeline. How soon after you met her were you discussing “face to face” meetings to clear the air?

I responded with a “I know”. I then erased every trace from my phone. Forty five minutes later, she send me the “I wish you only the best” text. I do not respond. Erase. Delete.

“lol” would have been funnier, but a non-response is the next best thing.

If you would be so kind, here’s what I need help with, .

I thought about it. I read an entire set of your articles. Two things dawned on me.

1) She may be shit testing me or she may have lost interest as she rides the cock carousel. She could have not wished me luck at all…end of story.

It’s not a shit test. She lost interest, but she’s trying to weasel you into some sort of beta orbiter role who lavishes her with attention when she needs it.

2) After three nights, it bothered me that I was such a stupid idiot for going beta on this broad. I tend to speak my mind, and having not responded to her last text made me feel like I didn’t show my indifference to her goodbye. AFC.

You don’t “show” indifference to a break-up text by demanding explanation or playing a game of gotcha. You show indifference by being indifferent. WWAAWAHD? What would an alpha with a harem do? He wouldn’t bother responding, or he would text her something that made him laugh, like a birthday cat emoji.

I read your articles. And on the third night, I finally sent her a one word text in retort to her “wish you only the best” text. I responded with, “gay”.

Ok. This would’ve been better right after her text. Waiting three days to text “gay” makes it seem like you needed the time to craft the perfect three letter comeback. The “wait a day or two before texting a girl back” is not a universal rule. It’s not even much of an individual rule. Too many exceptions.

Whereas before she would text me back hours later, she texted me back within minutes asking me “what?”

You gave her a tiny hit of dopamine.

Part of me wants to leave it at that. Fish or cut bait. Erase. Delete. Move on.


The greater part of me wants to seduce and destroy. It would be much more fun, fulfilling, and make me feel better (yes I know I have ego and revenge issues). Am I crazy to think this is still an option? If so, I thought about waiting another 3-4 days and responding with the “never mind, I thought you were different” reply. Would you please advise?

Regardless of your advice and opinion. Thanks again for the articles. It has helped me much.

Again, VISUALIZE ALPHA. If you had your fill of cute babes, how would you handle this one girl? You’d fuck with her, that’s what you’d do. “wut” or “8====D~~~”. Followed by a curt statement that you’ll be at [X] on [X] if she’s down to fuck. You’ll act like the earlier unsavory business between you and her never even happened. You are the Whamster, whamming her hamster.


Reader Email #2 is from “High School Narcissist”.

Hi. I’ve been following your blog for a little while, and I’m a sophomore in high school. I don’t know that you’ll respond to me since I’m under 18, but I’ll give it a go.

It’s never too soon to make girls swoon.

There’s another girl in my grade, and she’s basically the queen among girls. A lot hotter than everyone else, everyone knows her, etc.

The thing is she seems to be a complete narcissist. She’s very confident, she will give no one time, and is obsessed with herself. I assume this comes with the popularity.

It also comes with the beauty. But let’s not get caught up in an arid cause-effect polemic.

She makes herself unapproachable, and it shows, as every guy is a beta orbiter around her. Never seen a move made on her, just pedestalization.

Great. More opportunity for you to shine.

So I’m curious, how do I exploit this? I’m an average guy in terms of attractiveness. I’ve not ever communicated with her before by the way.

This is high school, a time of your life when the girls will never be riper. At this age and growing awareness of their power over boys, it’s also never a worse time to be a lovesick betaboy. Be mean to make the bitches keen. Shock her into curiosity about you. Say something she would never expect. “Hey could you help me with my homework? You look kind of nerdy.”

Get the idea? Summon your inner exuberantly reckless asshole. One last thing. Be prepared to get backtalk. She’s gonna be startled and peeved (in a good way), and she’ll lash out to test your state control. If you know it’s coming, you’ll stay composed. She might be mad that you called her a nerd. You reply, “Hey, nothing wrong with being a nerd. Don’t hate yourself.”

Enjoy this freshest of poon while you have it, because it’s all downhill from high school!


Reader Email #3

What’s the deal with all these bitches who work at “non-profits”?  5-10 years ago bitches were all in public relations.  Now it’s the non profits.

What the hell is a non-profit? Another charitable tax hiding place for rich dudes which allows him to increase power and influence?

Yup. Also, luxury self-actualization. Don’t worry, after the collapse the nonprofits will be wiped from the face of the earth. Fundraising results correlate directly with economic conditions.

Working at a nonprofit allows SWPL women to feel good about themselves. But, more germane, nonprofits appeal to women because they are perceived as happy work which avoids the sink-or-swim ladder-climbing hothouse of for-profit industry. Women are constitutionally averse to competition in ways that men aren’t.


Reader Email #4

I am looking for some advice. Recently single, I was in a LTR that ended up being long distance for school. Took a few weeks to get over it, and happy to say I’m moving on. Here’s my situation: My friend is traveling with her friend she met abroad. (2 women, one foreign) I hung out with them before they left, at a pub then a party one night, then the beach a few days later. Explaining their trip they invited me to join them in vegas, and I was like hell yeah, no reason not to.

Not long after at the party, the foreign girl made her interest in me known, and we fooled around a bit, she said she wanted to slow down if I was coming to vegas, although she was still all over me in public and private.

Ignore girls when they say stuff like “I want to slow down if…”. In the final analysis, you will either get the bang or not depending on your seduction acumen. And if you’re good, she’ll forget all about that promise she made to herself.

At the beach she was more discrete but still all over me in private. I’m meeting them in a week, and I’m looking for some advice on how to proceed. I’d call myself a greater beta…working on improvement but I do tend to let my emotions get the better of me. I have no problem attracting women, but I backslide.

I’m going into this intending to have a crazy week partying in vegas but I can’t lie and say I don’t hope I have a fling with this girl before she heads back overseas.

Pre-bang trips are risky. They are pregnant with expectation. She knows you know this trip is an excuse for sex. She knows you’ll be expecting it. She’ll be expecting it (on a less conspicuous level). All these unspoken assumptions will activate her anti-slut defense.

She has a bit of a bitchy nature to her, but I think its her version of trying to be playful, or its a result of her accent. At the beach I got a snarky vibe from her but when we were alone she jumped on me.

That’s a good sign. If it were the reverse — she was all over you in public but a frigid bitch in private — I’d be worried.

Basic plan is to be super social with everyone I meet (my natural strength anyways) and pay her some but not a lot of attention. I’m mostly afraid of coming off coupley when all i really want is to sleep with her as much as possible. I’m ok to cuddle, but only after about an hour of vegas sex.

When expectations and concomitant ASD are high, comfort and a little bit of preemptive disqualification are welcome. Don’t be cutesy (i.e., “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, amirite?”), but don’t be totally stand-offish either. You want to physically escalate toward sex while at the same time letting her know in a nuanced manner that you don’t need her approval in the form of sex, even on a trip where sex is frontmost on both your minds.

Your basic strategy is sound. Don’t initiate the Groping Protocol as soon as you set off on the trip. Be chill, act like you’re really anticipating the parties and gambling and poolsides, tease her to get her out of the discomfort zone (she’ll be in it again because the sex cloud will have been hanging over her for the past week), and after a settling-in period isolate her for deeper rapport. Even the sluttiest of sluts need a man’s imprimatur of emotional investment.

I don’t know how you’ve worked out the hotel situation, but it’s better to pop that sex cherry before awkward consensus meetings over who sleeps where begin. If that’s not possible, you’ll have to cajole her with some plausible excuse to come into your room.


Reader Email #5 is from Changer89.

Can you write a post analyzing Tracy Chapman’s song ‘Fast Car’ from red pill/economically right-wing/racial realism perspective?

Black lesbian warbles tragically about leaving for the white suburb on the hill with her shiftless thug lover as realization of depressing ghetto fate slowly dawns on her. See also: Any halfway smart black person surrounded by imbeciles.


Reader Email #6

Ever thought about ways in which not to be a sulking beta if the woman denies you sex? freeze outs are hard, so I have an easy alternative. Tickle game – where you throw her onto the bed against her will and tickle the shit out of her. Then when she says she’s had enough keep going until you’re satisfied. Yeah it’s immature and childish but so are the funniest of men and women can’t resist not being taken seriously.. thoughts?

Good stuff. Even better: Tickle the giggles out of her, then get up and say “Ok, that’s enough. I gotta go” and leave her in a state of breathless confusion. This is the long-game strategy; you’re denying her sex now for hotter, more devoted, sex later.


Reader Email #7

Can i get some advice on campus life? I plan to move onto residence for my final year of university. I’m moving to a new city, so how do I go about making new friends, and get myself into a social crowd?

I have a fairly good physique, and try to dress well, but still I lack confidence and am bad at conversation/small talk.

Rule #1: Stay away from losers. There’ll be a temptation to join their nonjudgmental cliques because they’ll take the pressure off you having to socially perform. Resist it. If you get sucked into a loser social circle, it’ll be ten times harder to infiltrate a winner social circle that’ll grant access to prime poosy.

Rule #2: If your conversational skills are weak, or you’re a natural introvert, cultivate a “laconic rebel” personality. That means, don’t overtalk (to avoid social miscues). Train yourself in the art of the drive-by quip. Once you’ve gotten a fair shake by the winners, you can move on from “laconic rebel” to “aloof asshole who doesn’t care what people think of him”. Then you get the girls.


Reader Email #8

Long time reader, first time emailer.  I’ve found myself in a bit of a conundrum with one of the latest girls that I’ve been seeing.  My concern is that I’m the one to initiate nearly all of our dates.  On one hand, I feel that the “leader mentality” should mean that it doesn’t matter that I’m the one initiating every date.  On the other hand, I don’t want to come across as the one that’s chasing her.  She agrees to the date about 90% of the time.  When she doesn’t, sometimes she gives a good excuse; other times, she is very terse.  We are not in a relationship, but have been seeing each other casually for several months.  Should I be concerned that I’m being strung along, or should I just keep pushing?  Feel free to use this message, but please don’t use my name.  Thanks!

While foot-dragging or a lack of initiative by a girl can be a cause for concern, if she’s banging you I wouldn’t worry about it. Girls vote with their vaj. Some girls simply prefer a man who orders their lives for them.

So, my question to you is, are you fucking her? I’ll assume you are, because “several months” in non-beta orbiter land means “several months of fucking”. If you aren’t… abandon ship!

A girl who hasn’t put out is de facto pulling strings. She is in the command seat of power. She has all the hand. If you feel like you’re chasing a girl you haven’t yet banged, you probably are. And you won’t get that bang until you’ve gone some lengths to flip the script and get her to chase you a bit.

But if she’s already given her most valuable asset to you, then the chasing you feel manipulated into doing may just be the expression of her natural feminine reticence against being pumped and dumped. She needs more signs of your commitment before she’ll permit the vulnerability of love to strike down her last bulwark of defense. Only you can tell which advice pertains.


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