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Continuing with CH’s Goodbye America in a Photo series, here’s the latest entry from “Sharpshooter“.

class. it doesn’t come in a can.

He explains,

Gotta classic photo for your Goodbye America campaign (attached).  I figured a newly minted bride chugging a four loko [ed: Four Loko is a prole alcoholic energy drink that a few states tried to ban for reasons of health safety] whilst being cheered on by the surrounding groomsmen (a couple she’s more than likely fellated) and bridesmaids is a microcosm of what this campaign is all about.

It’s tragically funny how the culture has changed so much that people automatically suspect one or more groomsmen at a wedding have had, at one time or anther, a piece of the bride’s downy. Our expectations for female behavior have shifted to a lower valence. Yes, the message this photo delivers is “A wedding is just another excuse to get drunk enough to forget that you’re marrying a beta buxtoy and will probably cheat in five years time.”

Personally, this isn’t half as bad as some of the Goodbye America photo submissions I’ve seen so far. But I post it because it speaks to a general corrosion of class among both sexes, but a corrosion which is especially pronounced among women. Class, in all classes, seems to be on the way out, if it hasn’t already made its final exit.

It makes sense if you realize that Western societies are moving away from K-selection (delayed reproduction, emphasis on monogamy and relationship investment, division of sexual labor) and toward r-selection (early sexual maturation, emphasis on polyamory and relationship instability, convergence of sexual labor). Raw sexual display by women — and this is what we mean by “low class” — will increase in a society gradually becoming more r-selection oriented.

It’s all part and parcel of cultural exhaustion and decline, exemplified by the twisted, ugly, and classless imposing their values on the normal, beautiful, and noble.

PS Happy Independence from Accountability Day!


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