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The Value Of Game

If you’re a single man plowing the field, which result would be more aggravating and distressing?

– You see an attractive girl on the sidewalk, say hi to her, but don’t get her number.


– You see an attractive girl, say hi to her, get her number, but she flakes at the last minute before your scheduled date.

How about this scenario?

– You meet an attractive girl, say hi to her, but don’t get her number.


– You meet an attractive girl, say hi to her, talk, get her number, go on three dates during which you drop $100 in drinks and more in lost time, energy and economic opportunity, and miss out on sex because she decided it wasn’t “working out” sometime between the end of the third date and your hoped-for fourth date fireworks.


If men are honest with themselves, they will nearly unanimously answer that result #2 in each of the above scenarios would be far more distressing and emotionally draining than the relatively minor setback of result #1 (not getting a number after saying hi).

Game — or if you haughtily prefer, “practiced charisma” — is the most effective defense against the morale exhausting defeat of result #2, and similar outcomes. This is where game shines, where it really flexes its muscle: In that tentative courtship dance between the first twinkle in her eye and the last moan from her throat.

Game won’t get you number closes from every hot girl you see on the street, but it will increase your number-to-lay ratio considerably, saving you time and effort that would otherwise be wasted if you didn’t have the know-how and skills to successfully seduce a girl from mild curiosity to inflamed passion.

When we calculate the value of game, we must include all these variables, not just the percentage of meetings that you turn into number closes. The value of game to you, besides making you more instantly attractive, is also all the flakes that never happened, all the dates that never ended without a sexual culmination, all the relationships that never broke up on her terms.

You might say the value of all that is incalculable.


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