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Soccer Post

This is the obligatory CH soccer post. Suave commenter gig chastises,

I am not reading/commenting here as much as I would like to, but seriously, the World Cup is happening.

You have 4 years to talk about girls. Americans have bought 5% of tickets to the finals, btw. Now there should be a permanent post on the Cup

Lastly but not the leastly, world cup games in Brazil are almost carnival-like.

American SWPLs love, or pretend to love, soccer, because it has a low barrier to entry for the world’s poor. All you need is a field and a ball.

I have a soccer prediction. If the Mestizo-ization of America continues apace, soccer will indeed become a big thing here. As white America tags along magnanimously and warms to soccer, and its programs get better, expect an American “stamp” on the style of play. More fast breaks, more football-type (the real football) strategizing, more partition of talent. And less gay flopping.


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