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“Director” spits the pith and takes home the COTW,

It boils down to this:

A white Special Ed kid is actually a drooling retard.

A black Spec Ed can probably be retarded but musical, funny…like a pet with human characteristics. Even if they are drooling tards it’s compensated for by youthful ebullience.
Combine this with the victimology and self critique of whites and you get this Sandra Bullock syndrome. Adopt a Muh Dik and fulfill a Protocol of the Elders. These 4/5 types buy into it.

Director is referring to the recently noted phenomenon of nice white sluts teachers having flings (perhaps even falling in love) with their dumbly hormonal students of remedial vibrancy.

Cultural propaganda counts for something. Doubtless a lot of these teachers are fucked in the head, but a relentless stream of anti-white, pro-noble savage agit-prop emanating from every honeycomb of the Hivemind can push psychologically fragile white women over the edge into self-immolation. Sandra Syndrome is a good term for the illness that manifests when untethered white women seeking an emotional outlet for their pathological mothering instinct and a sexual outlet for their thwarted desire open their hearts and legs to their developmentally and morally child-like charges.


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