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Goodbye America In A Photo

Submitted by a reader who shall remain anonymous pending clarification, here is the second in CH’s series of Goodbye America photos that record for future archeologists the degradation that was happening in America just before the lights went out on her brilliant but evanescent moment in history.


Her fav coal burning train, wink wink.

A police source told Action News there were “at least 10″ sexual encounters between Amato and the victim.

“He’s not doing too well, he doesn’t want to go to school. He feels humiliated, since that happened he changed,” said the child’s father.

Sources say even though Amato knew she had to turn herself in to police Wednesday, she posted pictures on Facebook of herself hanging out with her students on Tuesday night.

The upstanding young student is “not doing too well”. I bet. After he’s done high-fiving the males of his troop, he’ll need therapy and a warm hug from nice white ladies with savior complexes.

The other photo accompanying the story is almost as good.


Pile driving Miss Daisy, wink wink.

As a rascal noted, was it worth the 19 Likes?

If you wonder about the shape of the toilet that swallows once-great empires whole, there it is: A dumbfuck white woman chaperoning dumberfuck finger wagging gang bangers to a quiet spot in the ghetto where they takes turns scouring the life force out of her vagina and soul. And then posting the whole shebanged to Facebook. To polite applause.

I won’t argue against the notion that she has an as-yet unclassified mental disease (Stockton, CA Syndrome? Associative Hypergamy?), but have you noticed how frequently these slutty white teacher-vibrant student ruttings are occurring lately? It’s like the wheels are falling off American women. Wake up, beta white man, indeed.

Update: Another recent news story about a female teacher boffing one of her charges. She’s easy on the eyes, but watch out for her feral rationalization hamster.


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