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Confirming Dates Like A Boss

Men should generally avoid confirming dates, but there are ways to do it with alpha flair.

A reader contributes his version of date confirmations that he says has gone very well for him.

Hey I thought you’d like this. I came up with this funny confirmation.

My text: This is a courtesy reminder that you have a date with me on Thursday. I require at least 24 hours notice if you need to cancel. Please confirm your appointment with me at your earliest convenience.

Her text: Haha Confirmed!! Where are we going?

Mission accomplished 🙂 I thought perhaps you’d like to share this with the readers in a new post.

Sure. I like it. It sounds like you’re a hot commodity with a tight schedule. And it’s sardonically impersonal, which is good when you want to create some distance between the aloof impression you wish to leave and the beta confirmation maneuvering you must accommodate.

If you must commit an act of treasonous betaphilia, you can soften the self-betrayal by filtering it through a smart alecky cleverness algorithm.


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