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Ever notice how emphatically the few married feminists proclaim the awesomeness of the males who settled for their post-slut carcasses as if this was some sort of evidence proof of the superiority of the cock-hopping, mimosa-fueled lifestyle? COTW winner Paul Murray, replying to another commenter, explains the pathological narcissism that shapes the scarred psychologies of manjawed feminists,

There’s a recurrent use of “my wondeful husband” in Salon and other femcunt territories.

They never say “my SEXY wonderful husband”.

They don’t see people in their lives as full human beings. They see them as a role being played in their lives. The actor is replaceable – it’s the role that matters. The only non-replaceable actor is herself, the star of the show.

Married feminists of course will never admit that the scalzified losers who settled for them aren’t sexy, exciting men who make them swoon with love. To admit that would be to surrender everything they’ve invested in their egos.


Better to be thought an alpha male than to speak loquaciously and remove all doubt. COTW runner-up winner Rick Derris ponders what an Obama/Putin fireside chat would sound like,

No doubt [terse game] can apply to international relations as well.

I am sure Barry talked for 89 of the 90 minutes during the phone call he had with Vladimir “Nyet” Putin this weekend.

Barry hears that a lot from Michelle, too.


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