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A Crib Sheet Of Game

Normally, CH is averse to feeding the conventional misinterpretation of game as robotically intoned one-liners, but short and sweet one-liners do serve a purpose beyond their use as saving throws in high pressure situations. Keeping at one’s mental disposal a crib sheet of snappy lines for retrieval during the typical scenarios one would meet and seduce girls benefits in two ways:

1. Test-driven lines really can get you out of a jam or closer to victory.

2. More importantly, mentally rehearsed and memorized “charisma cues” are conditioning stimuli that habituate one to think and feel more like a natural who is at ease in the company of beautiful women.

Number 2 is crucial. A repository of game-approved lines, called upon at will, grooms your attitude to align more closely with that of successful womanizers. As you say these lines to yourself, and as you deploy them in a growing number of social situations, your overall attitude — your “inner game” — begins to take on the characteristics of a man who is naturally good with women. You begin to visualize yourself as an alluringly savvy man self-assuredly parrying the clit-hardened jousts of intrigued women. You are recreating it till you make it, and recreation is greatly aided by having knowledge of the sorts of things that naturals often say to women when they’re just winging it.

Maxim #43: You rely on “pickup” lines to eventually discard reliance on pickup lines.

So the pickup aka courtship line is less about the particular arrangement of its individual words to influence female receptiveness than it is about how, over time, it rearranges your mental self-conception.

Related, a reader writes,

This is a question I’m sure many readers would like to know. I find myself having beta tendencies. I sometimes find myself in shit tests and girls testing my alphaness in person and via text. To keep my attitude and mind right I continue to refer to the 16 Commandments and the Maxims, which I’ve found a portion compiled online. Obviously for shit tests I agree and amplify, act aloof etc.  But is there something like a complete list to reference? Something like the commandments plus the maxims, plus any other info in a list form? For quick reference?

Any suggestions on how to kick your mind back out of beta trap? Love the site and will donate £50 if this list is compliled.

What do you do to keep on track? How do you consistently keep the right mindset? Without slipping.

I work between London and Milan, so that’s why I’ll donate in GBP. It’s roughly $84.

I’m not entirely sure what this reader is getting at, but his letter does provide inspiration for a “crib sheet” of game. This post started with a lesson in one-liners, and for good reason. Kicking your mind out of “beta traps” is easier when you know how alphas actually talk to women. The first step to trying something new and unaccustomed in real life is to try it out in your head. Ask any man of high achievement his program for success and he’ll tell you he imagined where he would be long before he got there. Little boys don’t wait till forty to dream of being astronauts.

So, in the spirit of the reader’s request, what follows is the CH Crib Sheet of Game you can either write on a notecard and keep in your wallet, or just store in your head for instant access. The Commandments and Maxims are great, but a bit lengthy for practical retrieval, so the crib sheet will mostly focus on digestible concepts and one-liners.

The one-liners obviously apply to different situations, but the goal here isn’t to identify an exact match between line and application. Rather, the goal of the lines is to change your state of mind. The simple act of repeating them to yourself, and having them available should you need them, will imbue you with a sense of what it feels like to be a seductive man. This sense will carry over into real improvements in your masculine attractiveness.

This is by no means a complete list. The CH archives are now so huge and unwieldy that trawling it all for every gem is a time-suck too great for even a team of expert data miners. Therefore, as a general aid to the CH audience and as a specific answer to the reader above, all commenters are welcome to add entries to the Crib Sheet of Game, which will be updated on a regular basis and reposted from time to time, perhaps with its own reference page.




Agree & amplify
Disqualification, yours and hers
Social proof/preselection
Play practical jokes
Amused mastery
Sexual Intent
Kino/Physical escalation (ABE: Always Be Escalating)
State control (composure)
Future pacing (sarcastic or sincere)
Assume the sale
Plausibly inadvertent self-promotion
Calculated vulnerability (faux beta game)
Be chased, don’t chase
Descriptive, emotive language
Backhanded compliments (negs)
Don’t seek approval
Three second rule
Master the art of curious absences
Never apologize to yourself or anyone for your desires as a man
Own your bone
Be critical
Flip the script
Better an asshole than a beta


Power poses
Slow movements
Eye contact
Minimal smiling
Impatient outward glances
No hands in pockets
Open legs
Straight back
Hold your drink low
No fidgeting
Low vocal tone
Slow speech/accentuate every word
Don’t laugh at own jokes
Take up space
Approach after first mutual look
Avoid nervous tics/self-grooming
Pregnant pauses
Look straight or up, never down
Center yourself around your crotch
A little bit of swagger never hurts



good job!
bring da movies

it’s complicated
thanks for the medical report
who brought their little sister?
nice shoes. those are really popular now
it’s a good thing we’re friends
is she always like this?
i don’t buy girls drinks but you can buy me one
your flirting needs work
don’t get the wrong idea
slow down, i need to be wined and dined first
you and i would never work out
what else do you have going for you besides your looks?
i’m just looking for that one woman i click with
your parents must be proud
wait… you’re not a lesbian?
are you allowed to talk to other men without his permission?
speaking from experience?
i didn’t know this was a job interview
where’s the fun in that?
you’re not a dull person, are you? good, let’s go!
don’t get used to it
don’t get clingy
miss me already?
that’s mr. asshole to you
my heart will go on
someone’s in love
hey, hands off the merchandise
this whole thing?… it’s not working
i bet you wrote the book on it
i bet you say that to all the guys
you’re special
let’s stop by my place real quick. but don’t sit down, we’re not staying
if i didn’t know any better i’d say you were trying to pick me up


Progressive resistance weight training
Fitted clothes
Get out in the sun
Curb your porn habit
Find the fashion sweet spot between trendy and splashy
Don’t eat agribusiness crap
Be irreverent
Minimize your online presence beside that needed to pick up American attention whores
Think like a free man
Strive to do what is personally advantageous
Never forget Father Time is breathing down your neck.


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