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There were a lot of funny suggestions from commenters in this post about how to reply to a playette who “accidentally” texts you a nude of herself ostensibly meant for another man.

COTW winner has to go to WG.

“Hey, it looks like you have a small lump in your right tit.”

Now that is just stone cold clinical alpha detachment.


COTW Runner up is… wait for it… anon!

anon funnies,

How ’bout texting her back a few hours later saying it’s only pulling a 4/10 on hotornot.com?

I laughed. She’ll cry. And all will be right in the universe.


COTW consolation prizes go to michaelaurelius,

“Work on ur abs”

and to commenter Mom’s Proud,

“Your mom’s nipples are bigger”


CH readers are a class act.


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