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PrettyWi$e, a possible troll whose question nonetheless serves to impart a useful lesson, asks,

My girl sent me a nude about 20mins ago… And replied saying “oops wrong number”. I will admit it did get under my shit, but should I even respond to such crap?

What this reader’s girl is running is a form of Reverse Eavesdropping Game. Or, if you prefer simplicity, she has dropped a massive shit test on him.

This is why I suspect the reader is a troll. A common troll tactic on game blogs is to lie about a girl the troll “knows” who uses the game tactics found here to befuddle men. The suspicion is justified because in the real world women hardly ever resort to arcane male game tactics to get men into bed. If a woman wants to bed a man, she only needs to look cute enough and signal her availability.

Troll or not, if you play the field you will encounter the occasional playette who co-opts male game for shits and giggles, or who loves to incite dramatic bursts of jealousy to externally validate her sexual worth. You should know how to handle them.

The correct response to a girl “accidentally” sending you a nude she wants you to think was meant for another man is “bad lighting”.

Other good responses:
“you and ur dad have a weird thing”
“nice save”
“if you want me you just have to ask”
“your flirting technique needs work”

The attitude of indifference and non-reactiveness conveyed by these responses is what matters. There are other responses that would work well, as long as whatever you say has an air of nonchalant condescension and assumed high value. The brilliance of such a reply is that it simultaneously robs the manipulative girl of a victory dance while instantly flipping the script so that she is on the defensive, riddled with doubt about her attractiveness and scrambling to regain the upper hand.

Game doesn’t have to be this malevolent to work, but some girls are just begging for the hamster whip.

PS If this reader’s scenario ever happens to you, it’s a good bet the girl wants you badly and is showing it by making you chase her. Think about it. If a girl really did accidentally send you a nude of herself meant for someone else that she didn’t want you to see, she wouldn’t follow up with an implied apology. She’d go into hiding and hope you don’t bring it up. Or she’d already be two steps out the door on you and in that case not give a shit what you think about her antics.

PPS Another countermeasure to manipulative bitch game is radio silence. If you don’t respond to her incitement to jealousy at all, the next time you and her meet she’ll be chin-deep in hamster turds wondering what you’re thinking about her mischief-making. Keep up the ruse of feigned obliviousness as long as possible, even post-coitally, and she’ll hardly be able to contain her frustration with your inscrutability. An added bonus is that this gives you time to determine if she really is cheating, and to execute the “pump and surprise dump” finishing move should you discover she’s been disloyal. “Ah, that was great. I hope I left some in your tank for that other guy you’re banging. You’re gonna need it.” Right after, toss a razor blade at her. She’ll probably need that too.


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