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Troubadour resigns himself to winning COTW,

Changing things up deep into a LTR can be tricky, but it works. I’m sitting here with a homemade cake, a card, and a DVD my wife bought me “for the husband I’m so lucky to have,” and she got precisely dick from me in the way of emotion. I gave her a speech about, “Instead of going through the motions of pretending I give a fuck, why don’t I let you spend $150 of your own money on whatever you want. How’s that for a deal?” She accepted, and undoubtedly spent some of the $150 on me to buy the card and the DVD.

I used to make kissing noises and say “I love you” at least 500 times a day. Now I’m looking at having to fuck my wife as a pure cash transaction as the man whore I am. Dump a fuck into Shamu every Sunday night, keep my wood shop and all the rest of my stuff. I hate it, but it’s a practical compromise.

I wonder how many marriages devolve into unhappy semi-extortionate waiting rooms for death? A lot of those striver class SWPLs who marry matte-faced multiple-degreed chubsters to maximize the odds they’ll shit out high IQ wunderkinds capable of competing in the glorious future of globocorpdiversity don’t look all that happy to me. They look more… resigned. Maybe relieved is the optimistic take, but none dare call it passion. Or love.

No need for second place. Tough to follow up this comment.


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