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Asshole Game is one of the best and fastest methods for stimulating attraction in women. But its raw power tempts risky overuse. There are assholes who overplay their hand, and lose the girl. Women are romantically dichotomous creatures, at once lured by the aloof asshole as by the wooing beta. This dichotomy exists because women procreatively require both the seed of a proven quantity alpha male and the provisions of a proven investor beta male. The tension of the female dichotomy is never more apparent than when she’s at that precarious six-month stage of a relationship with an intoxicating alpha male, and she’s starting to fret about a dearth of romantic gestures from him that would allay her fear of abandonment.

Wise players understand this womanly war with herself, and tailor their game to satisfy her dueling needs, (or until such time that the player becomes restless for new conquests).

However, asshole game is SO powerful, that even overuse doesn’t automatically kill a budding relationship dead like beta supplication kills it flat out. Hence, the nuance quotes around “backfire” in the post title.

For an example of what I’m talking about, read what this reader passes along,

I’ve been devouring your archives these last two weeks. Great stuff that has really been life changing at my tender age of 19. I was never a complete beta, but I did not have an alpha attitude that I look to adopt now. I wanted to get your thoughts on a text thing that I’ve taken to. In the same vein of “gay” and “…”, I offer up “haaaaaaaa”. With as many A’s as you want. Recent example from an old ex texting me the other night, after a missed phone call from her at 11:30 on a Thursday.

ex: why didn’t you answer
me: i’m out
ex: i need to talk to you
(30 minutes later)
ex: actually forget it. go fuck yourself asshole.
me: haaaaaaaaa
ex: seriously?
ex: you’re immature as fuck
(hour later)
ex: are you home yet?


My thoughts are this is classic aloof asshole game, and her reaction indicates that it’s working on her. How do we know she continues to dream about you pounding her out? Because she’s responding. Not only responding, but initiating contact. Her words may sound resentful, but the fact that she bothers to express herself against your perceived indifference is all the evidence you need she can’t stop thinking about you. Women who are truly uninterested in a man show it by not showing anything at all — they tend to vanish in a quickly evaporating mist of curt goodbyes.

To the average culturally medicated passerby, it reads like your ex is really angry with you and that romance is the last thing on her mind. But to those with experience in the dating trenches, her indignation is a major tell. A woman’s emotional outpouring, good or bad, is reserved for men who matter to her.

Did this reader’s asshole game straddle the line between puppeteer of poon and jettisoned jerk? Perhaps. But there’s something you should know about assholes and their unusual pull on women. Beta suck-ups are rejected before they even know where they went wrong; an asshole can dump a quarry full of his toxic slurry into a woman’s heart and she’ll still leave the door to her pussy open a crack for him, based on nothing more than a slim hope he’ll redeem himself in her eyes.

Women give latitude to men with attitude, while earnest betas are swiftly disposed.


In related news, the Napster-founding asshole with expertise in the art of vanishing has somehow managed to provoke the obsessed love and unthwarted womb receptivity of a model. Will wonders never cease?


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