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Citizen Enemy

From the comments to a New York Beta Times article about the NSA’s ability to crack any privacy protection internet tools,

My mouth is agape. With names like “Bullrun” and “Manassas” for these programs, NSA is now (inadvertently) telling us they consider themselves to be battling a civil war… with the citizens of the United States.


It’s almost like the United States has a secret “royal family”, to use the term loosely, and they are becoming more and more uneasy at the prospect of a peasant uprising.

It sure would explain this massive surveillance we now see before us. This can’t possibly be to fight terrorists as we know them to be. This seems to me to be something all the more sinister, something dangerous to everyone on Earth.

Some would call this the result of mass scale managerialism run amok. I’d use a less innocuous-sounding term: Tyranny.


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