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A lot of readers write here asking for game advice and offering screen shots of their texts and chats with women for critical judgment by the Eye of Mordant. For example, see this latest chat screen from a man trying to get a date with a petite looker. (The man talks first.)

While Heartiste is happy to oblige any and all pilgrims to the Chateau, these readers could perform an at-home test that would save them some time and frustration waiting for an answer. A simple trick to determine the tightness of your chat game is to role reverse the participants. Commenter Christian explains,

If you reverse the responses in the online chat example, which I did inadvertently when I first read it, its tight game.

HER: Just promise you wont dress like a 12 year old boy on the first date, deal?

HIM: What makes you think there will be a first date?

HER: Well i’m not convinced yet blah blah blah…

HIM: That’s fair. let me know how that goes out for you.

But now that I know the roles were actually reversed, its beyond salvageable. Next.

Comparing the first chat and its bizarro world inverse, there’s little doubt that the second one is more likely to achieve a carnal coda, both because the girl will be more aroused and the man will have more power leading the interaction to a date. In the role reversal chat, it’s the man who’s subcommunicating aloofness, challenge, and an authentic attitude of outcome independence.

Ask yourself, who’s sitting in the driver’s seat? In the first chat, the girl is in control. Role reverse it and the man becomes the driver of the courtship. If your game sucks, try role reversing everything you do, except in real life and not just as a post-rejection self-assessment exercise. Think Opposite George. Report back to us with the results, Or do the opposite, and don’t.


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