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Future Fatty Game

You can use the 4 Tests of Future Fatness as a premise to run Future Fatty Game, which is really a form of teasing neg that challenges women to prove they won’t get fat on your watch. For a prime example of FFG, see this by commenter Knowbody,

Man I love that the wrist thing has blown up ’round here. Tell all my dudes to look at the wrists…..and the girls I’m gaming on hahaha. Here’s a fun game..when they send selfies via text..


Your Reply: show me yr wrists
Her: whaat? why lol
You: so I can see if yr goin to be a big fatty
Her: omgosh!! your such a jerk lol
then dont reply till you see wrists…..

Fellas, she WILL send the wrist pix. Provided they are 25 or younger, any older, this silly game doesn’t work as well. Why are you even messing around with 25+ anyway bro?

This is the kind of youthful exuberance that girls love. Eat it right up, they do!

Now, this wouldn’t be CH if we didn’t parse every jot and titty of this exchange for your edification. (Not that there aren’t times when we prefer to let the mack daddy morsel float on your screens unmolested.) This is a great text exchange, because it packs so much game into so few words.

Him: show me yr wrists

Aloof punctuation. A challenge. An unpredictable reply to a selfie, (most women would expect a comment about their more conspicuous body parts). It’s out of left field, and girls love men who keep them on their dainty painted toes.

Her: whaat? why lol

Sploosh protocol activated.

Him: so I can see if yr goin to be a big fatty

Makes no apology for his natural male desire. Fearlessly pushes the envelope of acceptable discourse, revealing an outcome independent mindset. The more you clue a girl into the notion that you can take it or leave it, the more she’ll want you to take it.


Her: omgosh!! your such a jerk lol

Houston, the oyster has splashed down on the barbershop floor.

then dont reply till you see wrists…..

It is required.

Future Fatty Game won’t work as well on older broads because they keenly feel the encroachment of unsightly fat on their post-prime bodies. Unlike choice hotties with sky high self-esteems, the aging beauty is one teasing stab referencing her porker potential from an emotional breakdown. Younger and hotter women adore edginess from flirtatious charmers; older and uglier women often mistake that edginess for sincerity. If a woman has more to offer, the jabs of cads don’t cause a core meltdown. If a woman knows her best years are behind her, edgy teasing can strike with the force of an ego cleaver.


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