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Suburban_elk takes home the tumescent trophy,

It has been said that in the old days, in Russia and elsewhere, the folk tradition was that a man was expected, upon marriage, to beat his wife, one time.

He was not supposed to enjoy it, as might a demented sadist, but he was expected to do it.

And then she always knew.

“What did she know?!”, wails the assembled. She knew love.


Clover_Annie graces the board with a feminine wisdom gradually being lost to generations of Western women:

“I propose that we resurrect the memento mori for the hot young ladies in our society.”

As a 45-year-old peri-menopausal woman just itching to educate these fools, let me pile on here: “Here’s what you need to understand about being ‘hot’. First, no matter your level of natural beauty, once you hit 35 or so, you will not be anywhere near hot unless you work very, very hard at it. We’re talking diet, exercise, cosmetics, and possibly plastic surgery level of difficulty, and even with that, it’s possible that bad genes or a bad youth will make this all for naught. Second, even if you are hot when you are 35 or 45 or 55, that WILL NOT MAKE YOU HAPPY the way it did when you were 20. Love and family and friends and security and a good attitude will make even the ugliest 55-year-old happy, and lack of these will make even the loveliest elderly woman miserable. Beauty is not an end, it’s a means, and you had best use it while you can.”

Make love when you can, because it is good. A maxim that has seen me well. But for women it might better be said, “Make family when you can, because it is good.” The means of female beauty finds resolution in family. For men, the equation is different. The means of male power, in whatever form, finds reproductive resolution in the love and loyalty of many beautiful women. But unlike women, men’s reproductive resolution doesn’t have a stark finish. The acquisition of power is a lifelong pursuit, because the love of young women and the pleasure of their sex is an infinite joy.


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