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Gaming Bitchy Broads

The days of feminine, coy, flirty Western women are coming to a close. Blame fluoride, blame peer pressure, blame evolutionary forces, blame mass female employment, blame Turchinian cycles… the growly aggro-manjaw is now a fixture of the modern mating market.

Men can respond in three ways: drop out, dig in, or desexualize. Dropping out — i.e., perpetual fapping to internet porn and vidjya games — is an admission of defeat that’s easy to sustain via dopaminergic pathways. Not an option for men who love the company of beautiful babies. Desexualizing is psychological self-castration intended to ease the pain of romantic rejection and the sting of failing to live up to masculine norms, while leaving open the possibility of real live interaction with furry-faced feminists who measure success by their collection of manboobed sycophants. cf., John Scalzi.

Digging in… now that’s where the rubber meets the ho. You deal with the mating market you have, not the one you wish existed. And that means, for many American men, a practiced ability to confront and neutralize the bitchy cockblock.

A reader offers a relevant account,

Got this shit test a couple of nights ago in a club. Wondering about recommendations and assessment on how I handled it.

Walked up to a group of girls in the smoking area and opened with “you girls look like you’re having the most fun here”. Immediately one of them replies with “Um, We were trying to have a serious conversation here” with muchos attitude. My response was to address the group “Is she always like this?”

How did I do? How would you handle this situation better?

On paper, there’s nothing you did wrong here. That line — “Is she always like this?” — is straight from Ye Olde English pickup manual. But like all pickup tactics, there’s an ideal time and context in which they are maximally effective. I suspect, based on your abridged replay of events that night, that you deployed the line too soon and too jarringly. That line is a classic because it works, but the implied understanding is that the line works best embedded within a conversation that already has some legs under it. The girls are already open to talking to you, even if all they’re doing is shit testing you or giving you an opportunity to spit your pitch. In that state, they’re more receptive to your divide-and-conquer tactic.

It appears you cold approached, lay down a line that can sound corny if the girls really *do* look like they’re having a lot of fun, received an immediate and debilitating auto-bitch reply, followed up with the neg, and then went into a holding pattern waiting for a positive group reaction. That is, assuming you flamed out. You didn’t specify what happened after you said “Is she always like this?”.

If you were successful, then I’m not sure why you’re even asking the question. Carry on, soldier of furrow. If not, all I can recommend is that you promptly segue into a new conversational thread after delivering your neg. It’s much more effective that way. A neg that wafts unanchored into dead air will quickly land with a thud at the feet of the perplexed girls. But if the neg is bookended by unrelated chatter, it has room to work its subconscious magic. You ever notice how the best salesmen will chew off a customer’s ear until the point that he’s hooked, and then ease off to let the customer ask questions that rationalize the purchase to himself? It’s similar with picking up girls, except the product you’re selling is yourself.

If you want alternate suggestions for how to handle this scenario in the future, here are some replies that would work.

– “I can tell. You have steam coming out of your ears.”
– “Great! I love talking about Miley Cyrus.”
– “This is a weird place to have a debate team meeting.”
– “Damn, you hurt my feelings.” (exaggerated sad face)

etc. The concept is the same: charming condescension coupled with unflappable state control. But the difference in the details amounts to teasing the bitch without blatantly making a premature attempt to turn the group against her. Most bitches are queen bees; their loyal subjects won’t turn on her until they know it’s safe to do so. You have to earn some value first before you can drive a wedge between a cockblock and her posse.


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