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Jerkboy Charisma Chat Game

What’s the quickest way to turn on a girl with the least amount of effort? Ellipsis game? Yeah, that’s pretty low effort. But this example of what I like to call JERKBOY CHARISMA chat game may trump ellipsis game in the race to the brusque bottom. A reader forwards his chivalrous courtship to a Juliet he hasn’t seen in a month:

This is what it looks like when a woman is chasing a man, and the man is reclining in the chased after position. This is how you want it to look for maximum romantic success. If it looks like this, you’re doing it right.

“But she said she hates him!?!,” wail the women and the men impersonating women.

If you’ve learned anything from reading CH, you know that a woman’s hate is not the opposite of a woman’s love. Indifference is the opposite of love. When a woman says she “hates” you, what she’s really saying is she hates that she loves what you do to her. Hate is just a conveniently accessible word to describe the rush of pleasing emotions, drama-larding cognitive dissonance and twatly ensconced tingles that a woman feels when a man expertly teases her and signals his total disregard for her approval.

I expect a deluge of men running wordless emoji game on women now. Why blab your betatude when a funny picture sends a thousand alpha waves?


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