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People are disturbed, even offended, when someone whom they thought they had studiously boxed into a determinable set of characteristics based on past performance defies those expectations, but only women mix the feeling of offense with arousal.

A predictable woman of sufficient beauty is a godsend to men, for her reliable nature provides a linearity upon which men can hitch their future behavior which assures the snatch will flow. All men crave drama-free quality pussy. Many men are stuck with both, because they crave the pussy more than they crave the drama-free lifestyle.

Women are different. They crave the quality cock, but they also crave drama, unpredictability and challenge. An alpha male with no tricks up his sleeve, no matter how attractive in the beginning, will lose his allure if his behavior becomes easy to predict, like a sunset. Men value their romantic expectations because they help them court, mate guard and protect their paternal rights; women suffer a dysfunctional relationship with their romantic expectations because men who meet them both reassure women of resource flow and rob women of a pleasure that is distinct to their sex.

It has been noted on this blog, with righteous justification drawn from real world experience, that laconic, ambiguous text game is an effective seduction tactic. The man who employs it delivers the challenge and the titillation of hidden meaning that women love. But too much “aloof alpha” game makes Jack a dull boy. If you groom her so assiduously with your terse badinage that she comes to expect it from you on a regular basis, your magic hold on her will loosen. There then must be a place in your stash house of seductiveness for a sixth-sense plotting twist.

As the insult stings more when delivered at the end of a civil conversation that lulls your opponent to complacency, similarly does the sudden and unexpected flaring of verbal acumen pleasurably stun the conditioned woman when unloaded after a spate of terse grunts. A brutishly landed “…” or “gay” will intrigue a woman, but a sophisticated elocution that follows will shock her to supine yearning.

The context that makes this mental track switch effective is the timing. In order for a girl’s expectation to be happily defied, it must first be created. And not all expectations deliver the same charismatic punch. Verbal efflorescence is, by its nature, the sullen song of the beta male. Thus, its indulgence during the meet and greet portion of a pickup is likely to turn a woman away who has not yet been satisfactorily primed to accept a man’s distantly unattainable alphaness. But when that same man’s nimble-tongued firepower is discharged later, after a flurry of curt jabs to her ego flanks, an explosive flowering of her furrow rocks her repose.

Reader SoulInvictus bitches on the subject,

There is a flip side to the terse, sophomoric, texting. Most guys already do this due to stupidity, so other than the time delay tactic, which is incredibly effective up to a point, then demonstrating you have a vocabulary that can express desire and inspire lust, can be far more effective in nontard women.

From an exchange today, with a married hotty (and no, this is not an “Am I alpha” submission)-

Me: (cutting out the lead up conversation) I don’t pursue something I want half halfheartedly.

(sidenote: I find it very effective to subliminally use terms of romance in descriptive ways but not directly offered to her. It inspires an, oh he has that side to him too, that caters to the barbie dreamhouse little girl in every.one.of.them. but without supplicating and thus devaluing yourself.)

This is a subcategory of vulnerability game. By revealing your weakness for romantic idealism in the abstract, you allow the woman the luxury of earning your attention.

Kristi: It’s very plausible! Plus I wouldn’t mind a good massage here and there w/ some good dick lol

Liquor is quicker but Kristi is risqué!

Multiple short inquiring texts of hers follow, culminating in a very long detailed elaboration of exactly what I plan to do to her while her husband is at work…

Me: “…knowing that while we’re standing there talking and he’s none the wiser, that your hungry mouth was consuming me like a starving animal a few moments before. That my cum is still dripping down the inside of your thigh and that you still have the taste of me on your lips.” …
“…good girl, …pounding you open like a whore… grasping the back of your neck as I ride you” etc etc

Kristi: God you should write erotica I swear lol
You make me want to be bad.
If you fuck as well as you write we will have no problems whatsoever lol

Multiple nude pics of her flood into my email and plans begin to form for next week. Done.

It can’t be overstated just how starved for this kind of shit married women are. Why do you think they masturbate away to 50 Shades of pathetically weak sadism….
This kind of literate game is antithetical to “ellipses” game (that’s fucking retarded that it now has it’s own sub-genre, really?)

Hey dude, don’t shoot the masher. Anyhow, ellipsis game is not “antithetical” to literate game; it’s accessorizing. How many times do people need to be reacquainted with concept of false mutual exclusivity?

The point, as made above, is that “literate game” works a hell of a lot better once a man has established his aloofly indifferent alpha male bona fides. An ellipsis leading to a surprise verbal money shot is more effective than splashing a chick in an ocean of sloppy lingual ejaculate.

and the like, but has provided me with virgins, reliable phone sex for when needing a quick fix, sex slaves, married women, and everything in between.


While agreed, it works far better on a certain type, I’ve had success with anything from 18 yo virgins to 35 yo housewives. Most men just can’t offer that fantasy world, and after pump and dump experiences as prescribed here or neglectfully aloof husbands wear thin, they eat it up. So thanks guys  The nastier, more demeaning, and dehumanizing the better. When you have seemingly normal, successful, white, married women begging to drink your piss (yes, and more frequent than you’d imagine),

I wonder if this is the same girl that YaReally pooped on?

then it can be a jarring realization about the inherent mental dysfunction that women walk around hiding. If I was going to give it my own retarded sub genre classification, I’d call it Sneaky Fucker Romantic Sociopathic Sadist Game.

Leave the stylish subcategorizing to the experts. In the meantime, your comment does open the floor to a discussion of the powerful game technique henceforth known as “Busting All Over Her Expectations”. The master wombcatcher heightens a woman’s curiosity by sharply, and without ceremonial fanfare, showing sides of himself that she imagined were not part of his repertoire. A casual shift of gears, from a low rumbling “…” to a rubber-burning peel of erotic intent, will knock a woman off-balance and into your saving arms.

Defying a woman’s expectations carries with it the risk of tilting too far into incongruity. If a girl has it set in her mind that you’re a friendly neighborhood beta, a reckless charge of sexualized bravado will wig her out. The dance of expectation defiance must proceed from a uniform foundation of alphaness. Reveal your lust, but only after you’ve proven your self-possession. Reveal your wistful vulnerabilities, but only after you’ve confirmed your badboy cynicism. Reveal your desire for authenticity, but only after you’ve demonstrated your capacity for charming insincerity.

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