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everybodyhatesscott machine gunned,

The millennials turned out exactly how’d you’d expect a generation raised by the most selfish generation in history to turn out.

Cocooning, pathologically selfish, vapid, entitled, attention whoring, phony, emotionally stunted, socially maladjusted androgynes. There is your Millennial Generation. God help America.


Runner-up COTW winner is ho (a handle so simple, yet so demanding of your attention), responding to a representative for the Obamacare ad campaign claiming people are hating on the ads because MISOGYNY,

“People tend to get upset when women are portrayed as independent.��?

If you need other people’s money to get birth control, YOU ARE NOT INDEPENDENT.

Stupid fucking cunt.

That last line may seem overkill, but no, really, it was necessary. Brazen stupidity in service of transparently selfish ends is not to be tolerated with even the slightest veneer of polite disagreement. Hammer blows to the head only. Preferably clawed side first.


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