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Ellipsis Game Applied

A reader recently ran “ellipsis game” on a girl, and he sent screen shots of the results.

This is very good text game. For the edification of our beta and omega readers, we’ll examine the conversation in closer detail. (Alpha readers may nod their heads knowingly for the duration.)

HER: did you survive the weekend without my company?

Classic beta bait. The typical beta male would happily entrap himself in her frame, and effuse about how empty his weekend was without her. The alpha male takes a different tack:

HIM: hey V [ed: note intriguing lack of eagerness in this greeting] what you doing thur night…

Her frame lays supine to his eschewal. No acknowledgement of the weekend, only a pointed request for her time on Thursday.

HER: Hi… I might be meeting a friend then! Are you here?

HIM: Ditch your friend.

Alpha move #1: Statement > question. Alpha move #2: Adherence to the golden ratio. (He sent three words to her eleven words. These things matter subconsciously.)

HER: Do you have a good reason?

Shit test concealing a desire to rationalize meeting him for sweet lovemaking.

HIM: …

Get ready, a clustercock has just been dropped on her ladylock.

HER: How long are you here for?

Perineal defenses: obliterated. No good reason given, and she doesn’t care, because her hamster is running wind sprints.

HIM: Dont know hun

Absent-minded lack of punctuation, slightly demeaning term of endearment, “get it while it’s hot” sales pitch = hamster fuel.

HER: …Ok so what do you wanna do if I ditch my friend?

HIM: use you for my pleasure

The foundation of flirting is a refusal to take a girl seriously. The moment you assume a woman is your linear, logical equal is the moment you lose her emotional subservience.


HER: …Ok stupid question… Can’t wait until Saturday?

She sounds apologetic. This is good. A girl who feels bad about making even the paltriest demands of a man is a girl who deeply, truly feels the irresistible pull of his higher value. Tingles are born in the defensive crouch.

HIM: How about late thursday

Stand Your Ground isn’t just a Florida self-defense law; it’s also an effective form of Socratic seduction.

HER: I meet my friend around 6…we can meet after

HIM: Awesome

Punish promptly, reward intermittently. The time to show a softening of your alpha armor is well after her heated interest has been established to your satisfaction. She spent the entire text exchange backing away from her initial intransigency, but it was only until the end, when she succumbed completely, that he soothed her with a metaphorical pat on the head and a glimmer of attainability. The rest of the convo is just more of her turning herself out to accommodate his juicy alphaness.

This was quite a clinic in how to flirt with and psychologically dominate a woman. A man who can do this will give her better sex than a thousand beta males promising a million gifts of myrrh. If this text convo was blasted on a Jumbotron in the public square, I’ve no doubt the man would feel no shame at all. Only pride, as the assembled mutter their grudging respect.


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