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The Undiscovered Jew leaves a comment at Lion of the Blogosphere’s humbly titled blog that draws attention to Utah Senator Mike Lee and his idea for hitting the leftoid Cathedral memeplex right where it hurts — in their wallets.

OT, finally a smart Republican.

Utah Senator Mike Lee will introduce higher education legislation that will break the extreme left’s monopoly power over academic credentialing. His bill makes it easier for online classes to be taken for credit, expand the use of competency based testing and let businesses establish their own vocational certificates and training courses.

Lee even even wants pro-natal tax cuts that will stimulate the white birth rate.

This is how to defeat the left: cripple them through defunding. Mass layoffs of tenured faculty will open the door to sane national policies like eugenics, whites only immigration, and more.

I hereby nominate Mike Lee for president to succeed where his co-religionist Romney failed.

The two best and smartest national Republicans from an HBD perspective (admittedly imperfectly) are Mormons: Defund the left and stimulate white birth rates. We even get more federal regulatory support for flex time as a bonus!

Sen. Mike Lee on “What’s Next for Conservatives”


And so, in the coming days, I will be introducing the Higher Education Reform and Opportunity Act. Under this legislation, the existing accreditation system would remain unchanged. Current colleges and universities could continue to use the system they know.

But my plan would give states a new option to enter into agreements with the Department of Education to create their own, alternative accreditation systems to open up new options for students qualifying for federal aid.

Today, only degree-issuing academic institutions are even allowed to be accredited. Under the new, optional state systems that my bill would authorize, accreditation could also be available to specialized programs, individual courses, apprenticeships, professional credentialing, and even competency-based tests. States could accredit online courses, or hybrid models with elements on- and off-campus.

These systems would open up opportunities for non-traditional students – like single parents working double shifts – whose life responsibilities might make it impossible to take more than one class at a time.

They would also enable traditional students to tailor a degree that better reflects the knowledge and skills valued by employers.

Innovations in vocational education and training would open new opportunities in growing fields that are hiring right now.

Qualified unions, businesses, and trade groups could start to accredit courses and programs tailored to their evolving needs. Churches and charities could enlist qualified volunteers to offer accredited classes and training for next to nothing. States could use innovative systems to attract new opportunities and businesses, investing in their own future by investing in the human capital of their citizens.

Imagine having access to credit and student aid and for:

* a program in computer science accredited by Apple or in music accredited by the New York Philharmonic;
* college-level history classes on-site at Mount Vernon or Gettysburg;
* medical-technician training developed by the Mayo Clinic;
* taking massive, open, online courses offered by the best teachers in the world… from your living room or the public library.

Brick-and-ivy institutions will always be the backbone of our higher-education system, but they shouldn’t be the only option.

If these new models were to succeed, they would create a virtuous cycle. Traditional colleges would be impelled to cut waste, refocus on their students, and embrace innovation and experimentation as part of their campus cultures.

Chateau guests come for the dark, but stay for the illumination. A positive, uplifting post like this one steels hearts and nourishes hope. The Cathedral can be defeated before events conspire ultimately to end it and sweep everything else in its annihilationist wake.

Defund the leftoids and power down their propaganda machine. Mock them viciously as they slide into irrelevancy and degeneracy, the inescapable failure of the twisted bastard issue of their diseased mental loins belying their every word and shivving their writhing egos.

That’s how you win. Remember to smirk at the moment of final victory. #Alpha’ed


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