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And, to a lesser extent, men more like women, at least in an outpost of the West.

Facial structure of men and women has become more similar over time. […]

Researchers found that craniofacial differences between contemporary men and women are less pronounced than they were in the 16th century. The researchers also found that, while craniofacial features for both sexes in Spain have changed over time, the changes have been particularly significant in females. For example, the facial structure of modern Spanish females is much larger than the structure of 16th century females. This difference may stem from improved nutrition or other environmental factors.

The manjaw is not a figment of the imaginations of CH scene observers. Western women really are looking less feminine and, likely, becoming more psychologically man-like because personality traits and physiology correlate.

So this is the world the West is hurtling toward: A steaming mass of lantern-jawed, hairy forearmed, gratingly obnoxious feminist witches. A world of Amanda Marcottes. What could be a worse sexually unimorph combo than the entitlement and irrationality of women hitched to the aggro posturing and striver pretensions of men?

The study doesn’t say how much of the masculinization of women is genetic versus environmental, but the distinction is academic, since once a woman has taken on male traits it’s nigh impossible to re-feminize her within the window of her fifteen year peak sexual marketability.

Whether it’s more calories, better (or worse) nutrition, or sexual selection favoring self-sufficient careerist shrikes, the path to divinely inspired and exquisitely vulnerable female beauty appears to have hit a thicket of brambles. And who are the biggest losers in this manjawed milieu? Beta provider males. What do they bring to the marketplace of ids that a go-getter bitch with her own pursestrings doesn’t already have? A cuckold victim promissory note?


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