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Reader Knowbody passes along the following textinage,

my latest text game…employing short, direct, asshole-like replies. Guys, 6 months ago I woulda never dreamed of talking like this to females. Have CH and the manosphere/game community to thank for showing the light. [ed: go forth, child of CH, and spread the Poon Word] All my texts anymore are direct, no questions, very short, etc. In sets eye contact has opened the floodgates for the bang close. Shit is so easy now it’s funny

example in latest text game:
after like 2 weeks of not talking to her
Me: in town tmr, organize a 3some
her: guy or girl
me: cute

Great reply. So much better than a “haha, j/k. but seriously, you want to meet up?” betaboy reversion to the feeb.

her: hey if I’m in charge of finding the people you have to deal with whatever I get
me: no way, prob get some diseased homeless broad
her: no cause if it’s a 3 way then I’d have to fuck her too
me: so get a hot one then
her: well duh your the one who said she was gonna be nasty, not me
me: less talk, more scouting bitches (experienced great success with freely throwing “bitches” around without batting an eye)

This is a classic reframe. Instead of getting embroiled in an endless loop of her female logic and slowly killing the fun vibe, he snips the beta bait thread in two and redirects it down a detour of his choosing (“less talk, more scouting bitches”).

her: lol ok.
her lol GO!
me: i do this daily fool
her: huh??
me: you don’t follow well
her: yea ya crusty butt hole you made no sense

This line irritated me and was very unladylike, I have a low tol. for jabs, esp gross shit like a man would say so I stopped txting for a few hrs.

Intermittently reward women for good behavior, but promptly punish them for bad behavior. Psy Ops 101.

me: such a lady
her: that’s why I have so many gentlemen callers
Me: gentlemen…aka fags
her: lol either way idc

NOTE: around here her texts are getting longer and more grammatically correct…subconciously I believe she’s trying to impress now.

That’s the way to bet.

her: Besides, you know you want it lol
me: talk a big game. rarely as good as advertised

I want to point out here what a fantastic line this can be when used on a girl who is accusing you of wanting her badly. It instantly flips the “chaser-chasee” script without sounding too insulting.

her: [BIG RESPONSE (knew I was pushing her along by now…)] It’s pretty legit lol (or so I’m told) idk I don’t like to just lay there haha I wanna be on top or on my hands and knees getting my hair pulled or giving head lol but some people aren’t into it.

She’s entered the self-qualification zone. Good things happen there. The sort of good things that befuddle betas and enrage male feminists.

me: faaaaaags…I’m mean

This is his only reply that falls flat. (The “fags” riposte can easily be overdone.) Better reply: “thx for the Kinsey report”.

her: (RECOILS here…wtf) aw I wouldn’t call you a fag.
me: (irritated by her jumpy game)…do things even register in your head

Most recovering betas are amazed by how much of a jerk they can be with women without blowing themselves out like they normally experience when they’re dropping niceguy game for all it’s worth.

her: Depends on the kind of day I’m having lol
me: handful

Another great one-word reply designed specifically for intense hamster aerobics.

her: (instantly fires back)…Of Ass lol

I like this chick. She’s sexy sassy, not annoying sassy. Seems like she has a brain rattling in her skull, and a healthy acceptance of her role as the feminine partner in a blossoming courtship.

me: prove it
her: Lol shit you already know
Me; always a tease
her: Lol what?! Not me lol
Me: pique my interest.. do it pussy

Calling a girl a pussy is just the sort of out-of-left-field challenge they can’t resist.

Think I may have pushed it here with seeming desperate…was actually on the way to her BFF’s to beat it up lolololozlzolzozolll

her: Lol I think your interests are already piqued otherwise you wouldn’t be asking me to elaborate….js

Yup, she’s a sharp one. Contrary to popular freak mafia belief, it’s often the smart girls who hungrily lap up game and beg for more.

(I should have said, who asked? because clearly I have yet to ask anything from her, all have been short demands)
me: lame

If a girl has you by the short and curlies, a quick escape can be made with a curt reply like “lame”. It’s not ideal, but it beats getting explicative or defensive.

Her: You just want me to get into dirty detail of what I’m into…idk if you could handle it
Me: you’d worship what I put down (now I’m like Fuck it, time to up the dickmode)
her: lol your funny
me: guaranteed
her: Over confident

And she’s loving every second of his overconfidence.

Me: field tested hahaha (trying a move for a little bemused mastery)
Her: That might make you a slut lol
Me: I don’t wanna deprive the masses

This is a professional grade reframe.

Her: Oh god lol
Me: close but maybe not that far

Chicks dig the cheeky jerk.

few more of over the top inflated ego responses from me
At this point she just kept going back and forth challenging me wanting me to slip up like some faggy chump so I just quit texting

Ok, that’s a reasonable decision. One-upsmanship is fun, but can rapidly lose steam. If you raise a girl’s buying temperature, you have to find a way for her to release the heat. Otherwise, she gets frustrated and annoyed, and then it’s GAME OVER, MAN, GAME OOOOVER. At some point beyond the first few flirtatious parries, you have to physically escalate. That means, find the willpower to end a positive text convo before it drags on too long. As the man, you have to take the initiative here; you never want to let a woman end a conversation before you do.

She knows I’m banging her BFF so she’s always been iffy…definitely a lot of sexual tension between us

The problem here is that she’s feeling dueling compulsions, and trying to reconcile them. She loves your style and your pre-selected alpha goodness, but she doesn’t want to be the “other woman” and kill a BFF relationship. She also knows that, as a confirmed cad, you would be a cheat or abandonment risk should a sexual tryst evolve. You might be able to close this deal if you catch her during the week of the month when she’s ovulating.

but she won’t relax, like she wants to but will disengage out of nowhere, this kind of conversation has taken place many times, even get a few racy pics here and there. Tells me how she likes to swallow, facials, biting, negs her friend to me all the time (“she’s a lame fuck, I’m much better”), mean fucking…all that good shit chicks rarely talk about openly unless they are imagining YOU doing it.

She’s masturbating after, and perhaps during, her text convos with you.

What does CH and readers feel is the best course of action to pin this one down and give her what she wants. I know I’m close..she’s on my texts instantly now as if she’s waiting for them. Fucking love the game community.

Ok, well, first off, know that she sounds like a cocktease. The urge to safely preen before an unattainable badboy is strong in many women. You should avoid getting used as a diddling aid. Weeks of sexting will slowly erode your value if you don’t push for something more. You need to 1. get her alone, 2. allay her fear of discovery and 3. become physical with her.

(1) is the hardest part. You might have to deviously arrange it so that she’s trapped into one-on-one confinement with you, from where you can then drop hints that you don’t judge and you don’t tell tales out of school. Think along the lines of filling her ear with an innocent story from your past, a story about an illicit liaison that stayed quiet because you could be trusted. (2) is important because she’ll need to know that you have the social savvy to prevent any tryst from blowing up her circle of friends. (3) is standard operating procedure. You could probably escalate sexually very quickly if you get her alone. The groundwork has already been laid, and who knows, she might hold a private resentment against her BFF and this is her way of exacting revenge.

But there’s nothing like the wisdom of an educated sociopathic crowd, so let’s throw this quandary to the studio audience and see what the readership advises.


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