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Monthly Cycle Game: A Teaser

CH taunted and teased you ladies with hints of forthcoming posts on Monthly Cycle Game.

[T]here are two distinct schools of game every man should use: One tailored to women during the one week they’re ovulating and demanding of more dominance signals, and one tailored to women during the three weeks they prefer more signals of attainability and commitment. How will you know when to use each? Stay tuned.

Here’s a little pleaser teaser to get you started on your road to mastering MCG, the art of adjusting your game to women’s cycles. A reader passed along the following study.

Synopsis ad paraphrase:  That the most fertile women have a 29.5 day cycle, and their menstration tends to be during full moon. While the most infertile women tend to bleed a week after full moon.

File this baby under “wow, just wow”. Do you enjoy the pleasures of exceedingly fertile women with exquisite hourglass figures who look like they could birth a small village? Then you’ll want to ramp up your aloof alpha cockiness when they’re ovulating, which appears to be, according to this study, [correction: two weeks before] full moons. So look up at the night sky, find that love-lit orb shining its arrogant fullest, wait two weeks, and confidently neg that hard 10 knowing she’ll never be more receptive to your jerkboy charms than right at that moment.

In future posts dedicated to the concept of Monthly Cycle Game, CH will examine the ovulatory “tells” that betray maximally fertile women; tells which men with a trained eye will be able to pick up and exploit to their end-of-civilization advantage.


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