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The Cuckold Fetish Epidemic

Have testosterone levels fallen so far, so fast, that men are now down with doing the equivalent of sitting in a corner and watching their wives rut with better men? Does the fapping feel better when lubed with their salty cuckold tears?

askjoe pithily remarks,

Hey, my wife wants to hang out with some guy who’s on tv, maybe I should tag along, what?

Something is going very wrong with Western white male culture. The signs are everywhere. Manboobs to the left of me, male feminists to the right, here I am stuck in the middle with SWPL “anti-racists”. It’s as if a giant cosmic vacuum has hoovered the manly essence from every white man’s nut sack and left a dangly wrinkled uvula in place of their scrotums.

As orc armies vault over the Cathedral’s two-inch fortress walls, as subversives and traitors stockpile the airwaves with lies so egregious they border on farce, as drone operators and internal spies use the Bill of Rights as toilet paper, white men valiantly respond to the crisis in their nation’s character by hoisting their battle flag and….

bending over so that their enemies may have the pleasure of ramming it as far up their rectums as propriety will allow. And in this gleeful anti-white male climate, that’s a lot of ramming.

Forget about inflection points. Western white men have passed the insertion point.


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