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How Women Tool Men

White knights are front page news at the Chateau this week, so today we will examine the myriad ways women tool men and make fools of those duty-bound chowderheads with aspirations to white knighting.

1. Let’s You and Him Fight

This is a classic, and often successful, tooling tactic that women throughout history have employed to great personal advantage (or just great personal entertainment). The preferred subterfuge of drama-craving cunts, the LYAHF method — also known as the “got volunteered” method — typically relies on “harmlessly” flirting with a man to encourage his boldness, and then complaining about his reciprocated flirtations to another man, usually a dopey boyfriend, in hopes of inciting the two men to duke it out for make benefit of her joyous glee and erupting ego. The drama-craving cunt (DCC) is found throughout the world, but its natural habitat is in the US, where she rules the land with an iron clit. She ‘mirin, alright… ‘mirin herself. For what is more exciting to a woman, more validating of her labially-engorged ego, than to watch two men pummel each other for her maiden honor?

The man who falls for the “Let’s You and Him Fight” ruse is truly a dumb fuck, the biggest tool in the toolbag. The only proper (and alpha) response to an obvious LYAHF is one that yer humble host, CH himself, once said to a DCC years ago when confronted with the exact scenario described above:

“Does this do it for you? Are you turned on? Don’t call.”

2. A House Divided/Guilt by Association

A woman’s strength is not in her muscles, it’s in her forked tongue. With well-poisoning whisperings of malicious slander, she turns the group against those members she hates, and hopes to draw white knights looking for an illusory pussy pass to her cause. You can read a  great example of a woman using the “House Divided/Guilt by Association” strategy over at this comment thread. Search for ”lucretia”. Many a white knight will be duped by this female tactic, because their reflexive disposition to group loyalty and alleviating female distress will override their good judgment of the individual under attack. If a woman cannot win a direct confrontation with a stronger foe, she will act to enlist white knights to isolate, ostracize and destroy the “iconoclasts” that bedevil her.

3. Appeals to Male Honor

The cunning woman knows that a man’s Achilles’ heel is his sense of honor and stoic duty, virtues that, by nature of their sacrosanct inviolability in the male psyche, are ripe for subversion and mobilization to malevolent causes of the woman’s choosing. A woman who can appeal to male honor is a woman with an army at her disposal. And none are more self-righteously believing of their strict adherence to a code of honor than the wannabe white knights.

A well-known example of a woman using the “Appeal to Male Honor” ruse is the single mom imploring a beta boyfriend to marry her and take on her bastard spawn as his own. With wet eyes and craned neck, the woman manipulates the beta’s wellspring of duty-bound honor to her advantage. Marrying a single mom “for the children” is a form of white knighting to which many beta males will acquiesce and post-rationalize as favorable to their individual circumstance. Similarly, the single mom can marshal the power of a million honor-fueled white knights — the State — to shame, hunt down, and squeeze dry deadbeat dads, or, as is more the case recently, newly acquired live-in boyfriends. For what is more honorable (from the distressed woman’s point of view) than a man who is not the father of her bastard spawn taking up the duty to help raise them without complaint or recompense?

4. Damsel in Distress

Perhaps the most renowned of female tooling tactics, the Damsel in Distress ploy, aka the Wounded Gazelle Gambit, has lured many a man into precarious, and sometimes life-threatening, situations to ostensibly “save” a woman usually from a predicament of her own making. Or, just as often, from a manufactured predicament that serves no purpose other than to redistribute time, energy and resources from the man to the scheming woman. The toolbag with white knight pretensions will not be able to resist the siren song of the damsel in distress, and he will often be lavishly rewarded for his assistance with a strong hug and admittance to the woman’s circle of asexual male feminist friends.

5. Why Did You Make Me Hit You?

Ah, there’s nothing quite as exasperating as the stone cold bitch who makes it seem like her bitchiness is all your fault. While this particular tooling tactic is not gender specific, women are most often the ones to use it. (Violent manipulative jerks are too small a percentage of the total population of men to account for more than a minority of this tactic’s adherents.) The woman relying on WDYMMHY will disparage her boyfriend, reducing him to an incoherent lump of uselessness, and then manage through psychological trickery to blame him for her cuntery. He, being a tool-able white knight, will accept his blame and proceed to prostrate himself even further to win back her good graces. This never works.

6. Self-Harm Emotional Blackmail

A girlfriend threatens to off herself. Perhaps she enlivens the scene with a dramatically and conspicuously placed half-empty bottle of pills, a few scattered on the bedsheet. She turns to you, tears falling from her eyes, begging for your love or your understanding or whatever happens to be her craving du jour. You, being the white knight in training you are, can’t resist her calculated vulnerability, and rush to her aid, promising her everything her heart desires. She cuddles, another victory notched on her id-post.

Arguably the most dangerous of the female tooling tactics because of the limited options to defend against it, Self-Harm Emotional Blackmail draws its power from reliance on total female enfeeblement, manipulating the male instinct to protect and serve to whichever ends the woman desires. Even a man who is an avowed anti-white knighter will find it difficult to resist consoling the woman in the middle of deploying a SHEB psy ops campaign. The best defense is also a simple defense: Call her bluff. Throw the razor blade at her and remind her to slice lengthwise. Naturally, she won’t do this, (if she does, you just lost a perennial headache), and your relationship can then proceed with you firmly in the driver’s seat, owning all the hand.


This is a list of the most common female tooling tactics. Men tool women, as well, the most obvious example of male tooling being the cad who makes promises of commitment. But tooling as a form of art was perfected by women, and it is women who are quickest to resort to tooling for personal gain, and who possess the greatest tooling acumen. Women can do this because there is a ready and willing supply of white knighting men who welcome their own tooling, usually in the misdirected hope that it will advance them to the pudendum gates of pussy paradise. So ignorant of the role the white knights play as the chump and so dumbly prideful of their histrionic savior complex, that they don’t realize they are kissing cousins of the manboob and the male feminist, two specimens of quasi-men privately loathed while simultaneously publicly lauded by women for their self-castration.

Not every woman with the means (i.e. the prettiness) is a tooling maestro. In fact, the majority of women aren’t. If I had to put a number on it, I’d say 30% of women regularly tool beta males men. This means, if you’ve been in three relationships in your life, odds are one of those women tooled you, with or without your awareness. If you plan to make any sort of career out of seducing women, or, conversely, if you plan to settle down in high-risk matrimonial bliss with one woman forever and ever, you had better get up to speed on the dark arts of emotional manipulation that are regularly availed by women if you want to avoid getting taken to the soul cleaners. A stay at Chateau Heartiste is a first step to clearing the mind.


Folks, here’s the main drawback with following “manly”, “honor-bound” codes of masculine conduct regardless of the particulars:

If you never hold a woman accountable for her actions, she’ll keep doing what she’s doing. And if that means tooling you, that’s what she’ll do.


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