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…and a nugget of game truth escapes from the swirl of vapid blather. The bolded questions are being asked by the beta male, and the answers are from girls he attempted to woo but failed miserably.

Do you usually figure out if you wanna do more than make out with someone pretty instantly? Or, is it a slow burn?
Oh, yeah. It is a fact of life that women know within seconds of meeting a man whether or not they would have sex with them. I’m into guys that are overtly confident. I dated a guy once who I had very, very, very strong feelings for. I was crazy about him. The first time we hung out we had sex. And afterward, he walked into the bathroom that was attached to the bedroom and took a shit with the door open.

I could see him. I could actually see this guy while he was taking a shit right after he slept with me, and for some reason, I just remember being like, “You know what? I respect how much nerve you have.”

Beta males can’t understand how it is alpha males can get away with so much… shit… and still get the girls. This is why beta males fail. The very act of pulling shit around women is attractive to them because it signals the winning attitude of uncaring assholery. And there’s nothing more chicks love than a man who does as he pleases and makes no apology for it.

Naturally, the beta male in this article misses the lesson contained in his interviewee’s answers, opting instead to badger the women with specific details about him that turned them off (or didn’t turn them on).

Was there anything I did wrong that turned you off?
I don’t believe so. I mean, I had a lot of fun hanging out with you. All of my most successful relationships have had a dynamic where we acted like best friends.

The very nature of asking women these sorts of pleading questions is a fine demonstration of doing it wrong. Alpha males don’t ask women for appraisals of their worth. Alphas assume their worth. And besides, alphas know there’s nothing to be learned from women in the matter of the source of women’s romantic feelings, who as a gender are constitutionally incapable of honestly probing the origins of their sexual desire.

Tantalizingly, one woman he interviews makes a glancing blow with an ugly truth (she’s also the hottest of the four women, which should tell you something).

I just recently learned that the pill can really alter who you’re attracted to. I found that who I was attracted to when I was on the pill may have been different to who I’m attracted to now I’m off. Also, now the type of guys I’m attracted to can be really affected by the time of month.

Like, week one, I’m only into Mexicans? Week two is tall dudes with big feet?
No. It’s more like at a certain point, during ovulation, I’m not really in sync with it yet, but there’s a certain point where I want a bigger guy to throw me around and stuff. During that moment I find myself more attracted to manly men.

Monthly Cycle Game — a CH original — will be hitting bookstands soon. It’s better to err on the side of throwing a woman around too much than not throwing her around enough. The former mistake is recoverable; the latter won’t even give you a shot to recover yourself. Think of it this way:

Throw woman around too much (physically and/or psychologically)

GIRL’S THOUGHTS: He’s such a jerk! I just want him to love me. Instead all he does is fuck me like a rag doll. Maybe if I give him more head he’ll be sweet to me?

GUY: *buys her a bag of Skittles*


Throw woman around not enough

GIRL’S THOUGHTS: Wow just wow this guy is boring. But he lets me talk about anything, like the assholes who are fucking me.

GUY’S THOUGHTS: This is great! She’s, like, right next to me, talking to me! But wait… am I in the friend zone? I better go for a sloppy awkward kiss and remind her why I’m here. I mean, it’s been four months we’ve “been together”, the time is right.


GIRL: *Reeling backwards* Why did you do that? Oh, I’m so sorry… I just don’t see you that way. Yuk just yuk.


If you’re asking women why you’re sexually invisible, you already have your answer.


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