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Dealing With Cutesy Chicks

A reader is annoyed by a common ingenue habit:

I have game. I am not a AFC. That said, here is a pattern I’ve noticed.

EVERY girl who has used “ok, ill catch ya later babe”
Or, “Hey honey, how’ve you been?”…. has ALWAYS been a dead end.
(super-flirt = dead end)

My take:  She is wired to string guys along…..and loves the pack of dogs pursuing her…
Frankly, I fiind it annoying, b/c it’s clear they’re F’ing with me…
No girl I’ve ever fucked has used the word “honey” and “babe” on me while in seduction mode…
In general, I disengage immediately when I sense asymmetric interest level   (eg: doesn’t counteroffer a date night)

Would love to hear your analysis, and I’d love some disarming rebuttals for this, to shut down her cute little game, and to show I am not falling for her bullshit mindgames….

There are two reasons a girl you aren’t screwing (but have designs to screw) might refer to you by an inappropriately affectionate term such as “babe” or “honey”:

1. She is aroused by you and tamps down her desire by “letting the air out” of the interaction, typically by reverting to cutesy mode and away from sexy mode.

2. She is, as the reader says, an incorrigible flirt, and gets off on giving men hope by pretending to a level of intimacy that she doesn’t really feel herself.

I, too, find this habit annoying, and my response is usually stock:

“Honey? What’re we, a married couple already? Jesus you move fast.”

Basically, disqualify her and tacitly accuse her of chasing you. The cutesy act is beta bait to entrap you into a chaser frame. What do you do with beta bait? You throw it right back at her, and the best way to do that is to imply she’s expecting more from you than you are from her. A skilled dodge of beta bait is a challenge to a woman, and she’ll respond by either adjusting her attitude in a more chastened direction or raising the shit test stakes as her arousal heightens and the prospect of sex becomes credible.


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