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Sidewinder asks for help with his online game:

Online game update: 2 weeks ago I asked for advice concerning a girl who politely cancelled meeting me because she had something going on with someone else and wanted to see where it went. I wasn’t sure how to respond because it was generally polite, and since we had never met, I felt any kind of negative response would indicate butt hurtness.

Good call. Think of female politeness as entrapment to lull beta males into revealing butthurtness.

Yareally seemed to agree and suggested that I stay positive and say something casually light and humorous. I responded to her “good luck. Let me know when you’re ready to party with a real man”


She responded last night “so…..I’m ready to party with a real man.  ” Any suggestions on how to close this one out? My thought is to completely ignore her previous cancellation, but to somehow motivate her to prove her interest to me.

Shouldn’t be too hard to close this girl. She handed you a serious indicator of interest. Play around with her a little more, and then escalate.

“Ok, I’ve got Justin Bieber on the line for you. lol”

As the second choice of this girl, you have to focus extra hard on qualifying her as worthy of your attention, because the head space she’s in right now is very conducive to perceiving you as less man than what she ideally wants. That means DO NOT reference her previous cancellation or her excuses (unless it’s in a humorous way, but even that is fraught with risk), and DO NOT express any sort of gratitude for finally getting a shot with her. It DOES mean acting as if you were the one the whole time deliberating whether she was worth your effort to pursue.

“Great. Swing by my place first, we’ll pre-drink with hot cocoa and snort fresh country air.”

Playfulness, dismissiveness, self-regard. These are the keys to the VAJ lounge.


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