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As many CH readers are already acquainted, the term Cathedral was coined by a Mr. M.M. and reformatted by yours truly (and probably others) for a general audience to mean the collective motivations and enlivening spirit of the bulk of the human machinery that powers the entertainment, media, government and academia industrial complexes in the West, but particularly in America. This human machinery is mostly progressive in political disposition, equalist in ideology, tyrannical in method, snarky in execution, and hypocritical in principle.

Lately, though, a sizable contingent of readers have emailed to express their disapproval of the use of the term Cathedral as a condensed expression of the postmodern monstrosity known by Chateau proprietors as leftoidism. These incommensurately irate readers claim that the word Cathedral unfairly maligns a mostly beneficent European Christian tradition while gliding over the influence of outside forces in shaping and projecting the equalist agenda. One reader suggested that the term instead be replaced with the word “Hive”, to represent the reflexive, obedient, hive-like thinking of elite and sub-elite SWPL whites on the subject of human intellectual, psychological and sex differences, both within and between groups.

I find this argument slightly ridiculous in its insistence on adhering to a strictly dichotomous premise that either this force or that force is solely responsible for the transmission of malignant ideas and the consequent public policies. Why can’t it be both? A native decadency can exert a subversion within the culture to which they are the ostensible caretakers even more powerfully than a self-interested, self-cordoned outsider. The parasite infects most readily the already weakened host.

Having shared my time with what aggrieved readers would refer to as heirs of the honorable traditions architecturally exalted by real cathedrals, I come away with two distinct impressions, formed by face to face interaction as opposed to solitary nights neck-craned over dense history books:

1. Many of the “old Cathedral’s” children are true believers in their modern equalist drivel. When the opportunity presents, they spout it with a strident certainty and an emotional commitment that simply cannot be faked on a consistent basis.

2. Most of these same children of the old Cathedral are hypocrites in everything they do and in every way they organize their actual, living, breathing lives. They belie their own words and beliefs with such cheerful alacrity and oblivious self-contradiction that a person of saner mind might wonder how they manage the disjunct without heavy doses of cortex dulling medications.

How to square this circle? Remember the rationalization hamster, and you will find your answer. The hamster is the errand-rodent of the ego, the most powerful source of energy in the universe. The hamster spins as ruthlessly for believers in universal human biological equality (which in the present cultural milieu necessitates a belief in white male nefariousness) as it spins for girls with a reputation in mind who want their romantic surrender minus the messiness of personal agency.

It is no less incomprehensible to those who have been around the block more than a few times that an ideologically ego-invested Bryan Caplan will live in an all-white collar white bubble while clamoring for open borders than it is that a nice girl will sleep with a taciturn, tattooed bike messenger while claiming she wants a niceguy who’s sensitive to her needs and loves poetry.

The Cathedral is one of those mutli-use terms that has come to symbolize to the current Radical Realtalkers — and has in fact always symbolized more or less in colloquial usage — any social or political superstructure advancing a school of ideas, especially ideas anathema to the general welfare of those and their posterity who are without a voice or a lever of power. Thus, I find no problem employing it.

However, the Hive neologism works as well. Many equalists are quite stupid and unaware; marching morons blaring a tired, tinny tune because it feels good, and people pat them on the back for their embrace of willful stupidity. Good worker bees, they buzz and buzz while the queen grows strong on the relentless toil of her drone army. A Hivemind you could call this. The Hivemind does not know logic unless its deployment advantages them, does not care for inconvenient facts, does not countenance empathy for those outside the hive. All the Hivemind knows is wagon-circling; the hive (i.e., the ego) must be protected against any and all attacks, and it will snark and sting (c.f. Richwine) in unison, on command, and won’t stop until the telepathic, telecommunications network that propels the Hivemind is severed at multiple points and various neuronal substations are taken offline.

The Hivemind and the Cathedral work together synergistically. Right now the Hivemind is at the apex of its power. Like an alien borg, it operates at the behest of a central master brain, aka the ruling globalist and message-maker elite. The Hivemind guards the perimeter, assimilates the weak-minded assimilable, drives out the free thinking. You do not defeat the Cathedral by attacking its Hivemind hordes. All that will do is summon more replacements, which are for practical purposes, infinite in number. The master brain — the root of it all — must be attacked directly, and then the Hivemind will fall apart like unattended drones powering down.

That is how you destroy the lords of lies who perch in their gated, honey-dripped throne rooms. Don’t hack blindly at their winged servants, futilely dodging stingers and forced into defensive maneuverings. Drive the tip of your spear, straight and true, into the meat of the hive, through the colony of mental eunuchs buzzing their labyrinthine sophistry, until you hit the beating Heart of Lies. Then, drive it it further to deliver the mortal thrust.


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