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Which of the three photos in this series of the same man taken at different times in his life strikes you as the face of a hard alpha? A soft beta? A man who has checked out?

How about the man in this series?

And, finally, what about this man?

Make your guesses, then go to the original link to read the details. Are you being duped by manipulative lighting? Or does a man’s face really change to reflect the burdens and the expectations of his life?

If the latter, what you are seeing here is evidence that a man can become more alpha or less alpha, in disposition and even in expression, when circumstances intrude and decisions, sometimes life or death, have to be made. Maybe a man can’t go from 100% beta to 100% alpha on a dime, but he can increase his alpha at the margins. And the margin is all the edge you need, whether the situation you are in is firing at a nest of insurgents or walking up to a girl and capturing her imagination for a night.


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