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Some of you read the post title and immediately thought it referred to Tony’s classic master of the universe maxim:

Nothing wrong with this version of game. Power is, after all, the ultimate aphrodisiac to the female libido. But power derived from insane wealth takes a lot of work to acquire. What if you just want some quickie game to charm the lady in front of you, right now? Zipless fuck game, if you will.

Commenter Scray writes of another aspect to Tony Montana’s tight game:

Also, game in the movies…I never really got it before, but Tony Montana seems to have some game:

He drops a huge neg on her (it’s pretty nuclear but seems correct considering how low value she seemed to think he was). Then, when she gets pissed, he gives a pretty alpha smirk (I may try to steal that look actually lol)…”now you’re talking to me, -that- I like.”

The huge neg (really, more an insult than a neg, but whatever works) Scray refers to is the line (around 1:30), “Only you got a look in your eye like you haven’t been FUCKED in a year”. A line which, if I’m not mistaken, was lifted and reformatted for a sensible SWPL audience by Mystery et al. and incorporated into early ’00s game.

But the best part is how Tony handles Elvira’s inevitable (and quite caustic) follow-up shit test, “Hey Jose, who I fuck is none of your business.”

He replies, smirking egregiously, “Now you’re talking to me, *that* I like. Keep it coming baby!”

Patronizing condescension in full effect. THIS is how you handle a merciless shit test from a hard 10* who would make the typical beta puffboy crumple to the floor wetting his underoos. It says all the right things that chicks love in men: Amused mastery. Grace under pressure. Cocky humor. Dismissive entitlement. Daring. Impervious self-regard. Self-confidence. Immunity to beauty.

I want you to try this line the next time some hot chick gives you shit. “Now you’re talking to me, *that* I like. Keep it coming.” Report back here. This line is a shockwave of alpha. I predict that responses will be mostly positive. It may take an hour or two for the deep impact to scour the needy hole in her heart, but she’ll be thinking about you, and imagining… scenarios… transactions.

You say you can’t possibly utter such a gaudy line to a girl? Surprise yourself. If you aren’t doing something every so often that scares you a little, you aren’t growing as a man. In return, you may be surprised by the rewards lavished upon you by suddenly curious women who have had their expectations joyously defied.

*Yes, Michelle Pfeiffer was a hard 10 back in the day. One of the few who could accurately be described as such. Pointy elbow syndrome nerds, before you comment, please find the nearest couch crease and empty your tepid seed into it. The world of men thanks you for living your shame in solitude.

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