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A reader asks for advice about how to handle a girl clowning around on Tinder, the stripped-down eugenics website that features photos and “likes” and not much more.

On Tinder, this hot, kinda snobby-seeming 27yo (I’m 28) chick’s info is:


“Not interested in love but if you want to sell or buy apartment… I can be your tinder gal “

We match up, I wait/forget a couple days and message:

“So wait, you sell only apt’s to guys you think are cute?”

Her 15mins later (2:30 today):
“Ha it’s a joke but w truth, not on this thing to find men so might as well make it a business transaction.”

Now I want to bust on her for this (b/c it strikes me as ridiculous, and is my honest reaction), but maybe not?

I do pretty well generally (I was like a 17 on that alpha test thing), but this has me unsure as to how to proceed.

Thoughts appreciated. This literally just happened 15mins ago.

Your first reply to her was good. Part teasing, part assuming the sale. Now look at her next reply:

“Ha it’s a joke but w truth”

This chick is on there to meet men, but she’s embarrassed about it and doesn’t have high expectations, so she clowns around to provide herself plausible deniability. If she were really a professional realtor, would she open a Tinder account and write idiotic copy that makes her sound like the last realtor in the world with whom you’d want to do business? Maybe she would. Scouts tell me America the Babel-full teems with so many idiots one would wonder how the whole enterprise manages to function.

“not on this thing to find men so might as well make it a business transaction.”

Did somebody say…

zoom zoom!


Bust on her. Go all in on assuming the sale. Examples:

“If you wanted to meet me, you didn’t have to violate Tinder’s terms of service.”

“Tell you what. I’ll buy your apt if you buy me a drink.” (Obviously, you are not buying her apt.)

“‘business transaction’ gotcha. Hate to tell you, but I’m not that kinda guy.”

“It’s always about transactions with you girls. I can only love so much.”

Or, tease her hard:

“You’re a dude, I bet.”

“Your business model needs work. Show more skin.”

“Apt for sex. I don’t consort with hookers.” (100% chance she’ll qualify herself)

“this works for you?”

“men fall for this?”

Finally, you could just blow her off:

“good luck”



“i prefer doing business with a more experienced realtor.”

Let us know how you proceed(ed). The readership will be interested in the most effectively tailored response should similar situations arise for them.


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