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Drive-by hater “k8″ whiningly demurs:

Has it ever occurred to you, that this “game theory” stuff is just another way of appeasing women?

Has it ever occurred to you that make-up is just another way women appease men? Has it ever occurred to you that men must make more conspicuous up-front effort to attract women than women must make to attract men because of the inherent differences in the nature of the sexes?

It’s the same as the men who claim to be feminists; both are changing their behaviour (or rather putting on a ridiculous act) to please some chick.

The difference is that men who claim to be feminists to win pussy are pursuing a flawed strategy, unless the pussy they want to win is fat, ugly and unfeminine.

I think the real alpha thing to do would be to stick to who you are, and if the woman doesn’t like it, move on.

“Just be yourself.”

I’m aware that attractive women do gravitate towards certain kinds of personality, isn’t it far more important to be honest with yourself than to have sex with attractive women?

Good salesmanship is not dishonesty. And that’s what the sexual market requires of men: an ability to sell themselves to women.

We here at CH have noticed an uptick lately in game and sexual market denialist hate. The shrillness of the hater crowd has reached fever pitch, and that’s a strong tell that they know their carefully cultivated worldview is coming under attack. Good. There’s nothing like the smell of desperation in the morning.

Here’s a suggestion for the perspiring haters who find themselves scampering into this happy hating ground: First, know that you are up against an enemy the likes of which you have never encountered before. Second, learn to distinguish between is and ought. The Chateau revels in the fun of laying bare the clanking gears of reality and observing the result as the crisis of a thousand consciences unfolds, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we like the world this way, or would want the world, if we had our druthers, to be this way. CH simply gives you the Word; what you do with the Word is your prerogative.

If you can manage that simple distinction without experiencing a mental breakdown like a hysterical woman-child, then you may discover the vitriol in your cragged keyboard fingers dissipating as illumination swarms over you and the lightness of the Chateau’s love makes your heart grow three sizes today.

Ps On the subject of schooling game and sexual market denialist haters, see commenter Steve Johnson (scroll toward the end) in this Steve Sailer thread. The stevedore Steves of hatecargo full of truth.

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