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Take a look at this image capture of a search engine auto-fill:

80% of the questions asked by men are selfless in nature. They are questions about how to please a woman and make her happy. 70% of the questions asked by women are selfish in nature. They are questions about how to get noticed by men, and how to manipulate men’s affections.

These are the male and female ids auto-exposed. Female solipsism is powerful and is an inextricable part of their nature as sexual beings. Women are hard-wired from the womb to turn their focus inward, because their eggs are biologically more valuable than sperm. Men are hard-wired to turn their focus outward, because that is how they acquire status and how they win the love of constitutionally diffident women.

As a man who understands the raw, vital power of game, it behooves you to accept female solipsism for the unalterable fact it is, and to avoid its traps and leverage it for your own ends. Women, selfish at heart, will be driven to QUALIFY men for adherence to women’s personal preferences. Selfish people want to know what others can do for them.

Selfless people want to know how they can please others and win their favor. That’s a crucial difference between women and men. And this difference stems from the essential sex difference.

Many beta males will take the lesson to mean they should bend over even farther to appease women’s selfishness. But that is exactly the wrong conclusion to draw. Abiding a woman’s natural selfishness will only create more selfishness. That’s a beast you don’t want to feed.

The correct response to women’s selfishness and concomitant compulsion to qualify men is to sidestep their efforts to derive your mate value and turn the tables on them, effectively using women’s own psychological inclination against themselves. Instead of relinquishing to her judgment, YOU become the manipulator of romantic yearning and the keeper of mate standards.

Women love this, because this is what alpha males with options do. A man who is in some sense LIKE A WOMAN — a man who judges prospective mates and qualifies them according to his whim — is a man who signals to women that he has loads of options in the sexual market. And as we all know, women can’t resist the allure of the preselected man.

So instead of wondering “how do I make a girl feel special”, start thinking “how can I make this girl miss me”. It’s a subtle shift in thought that will accrue enormously satisfying rewards. Because the sexual spoils go to the selfish pricks.


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